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Authors: Rong Wei Shen, Xiao Hong Tai
Abstract: A kind of recirculating ball-type power steering system for electric power bus was designed. The dynamics equations of EPS were analyzed. The simulation model based Matlab/Simulation was build and verified by the experiments on test-bed. Then the simulation test was carried out when vehicle was stationary. The simulation results verify the validity of the simulation model, which creates the research basis for further research of control strategies.
Authors: Zhi Dong Huang, Yun Pu Du, Wei Na Yu, Xiu Biao Qi, Zhi Qiang Yang, Qing Yang Lang
Abstract: Kinematic characteristics of Hoeken mechanism is analyzed. Variable ratio transmission characteristics of oval gear is obtained. Oval geared Hoeken mechanism is presented. Kinematic characteristics of oval geared Hoeken mechanism is clarified. Eccentricity is optimized. The oval geared Hoeken mechanism with approximate uniform rectilinear motion is designed. The methods in this paper facilitate the innovation design of the mechanism with approximate uniform rectilinear motion.
Authors: Hou Cun Zhou, Chong Guang Zheng, Hui Zhuo Zhang, Xiao Qian Zhang, Yi Yong Huang, Yuan Lan Wen
Abstract: Considering the fact that the anti-swing performance and transport efficiency of the crane system are not satisfactory if we just control the velocity of the cable car, we came up with a joint control technology of the rope and trolley in crane system. Firstly, the simplified mathematical model of the cable car system is built. Secondly, the best joint control scheme is discussed by modeling simulating. Finally, the designing of joint control system is analyzed. What’s more, we will carry relevant experiments about the joint control technology in the near future. The data obtained from our experiment will be used to verify our theoretical results of joint control.
Authors: Zhi Ming Jiang, Cheng Jun Wang, Tao He
Abstract: According to the principle of the spring constant support device, a kind of large deformation yielding anchor bolt with three elongation properties has been designed. This paper analyzes the performance of the dynamically-pressured soft rock roadway surrounding rock and support mechanism of yielding anchor, carries out the force analysis of the anchor head, derives equation of the knife-type cam and uses Matlab programming to solve the knife -shaped cam contour curve. In the condition of keeping certain anchoring force, the anchor head can produce large displacement along the anchor body in order to decrease the pressure. And after the pressure of surrounding rock relief, the anchor head can move back to add pressure to form a “Loose - support”cycle of flexible supporting.
Authors: Yu Liu
Abstract: The structure and working principle of a new hybrid magnetic bearing is introduced in this paper. To overcome the drawbacks of finite element method(FEM) in parameter design of hybrid magnetic bearing, a method based on the equivalent magnetic circuit method is proposed. The calculating equation and procedure for all parameters of the hybrid magnetic bearing are deduced in detail. The feasibility of the proposed method is verified through an example and the influence of the air gap length on other parameters is studied. The distribution of magnetic flux in the air gaps calculated by ANSYS is in good agreement with the design goal, which validates the proposed method.
Authors: Shu Hua Sun
Abstract: In the paper, virtual prototype parallel chinese massage manipulator was designed based on the technique kinematics and dynamics analysis in Chinese massage technique and on the 4-PTT variable topology parallel mechanism.At the same time, for an example the pushing method,simulation analysis for the kinematic and dynamic of the virtual prototype were studied.
Authors: Feng Qi Han, Zhi Zun Li, De Yuan Zhang
Abstract: Vibrator is the key part of vibration tapping machine. In this paper, a kind of oblique cam type mechanical vibrator was designed. The vibrator has the advantages of simple structure and easy manufacturing, and the output amplitude of the vibrator can be adjusted by changing the inclination angle of oblique cam. It is verified by experiments that the process is successful when the oblique cam type vibrator is used to machine big thread holes, and compared with common continuous tapping, the torque of vibration tapping decreases significantly.
Authors: Tai Ming Huang, Wei Ke An, Jing Yin Tan, Yong Zhou
Abstract: The defrosting is very important in vehicle. In the paper, some improved proposals to the lack performance of the vehicle windshield defrosting would be discussed by using computational fluid dynamic (CFD) numerical simulation analysis and experiment to validate the improved proposal. The improved proposal including change the angle of the grill of wind outlet, and add grill on the left and right side. The discrepancy of the two methods is in 5%, which is acceptable. By the improved proposal that the windshield defrosting area is increased and also the requirements is satisfied.
Authors: Xiao Guang Wu, Li Zhu, Shuang Li, Yu Qin Wu, Chi Zhang, Cheng Jun Zhang, Jun Fu
Abstract: Based on the magnetic suspension theory, this paper has proposed a kind of suspension-type jacquard needle driving principle, and designed its 3-dimension model method. By making finite element analysis on suspension-type needles, analyzing the experimental data and designing the structure, we can get the relationship among related parameters under conditions of different permanent-magnet thickness and air gaps, which can provide criteria in theory and application for designing on new needle driving principle, control system and needle.

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