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Authors: Zhen Zhou, Qing Li, Xiong Li, Ren Yuan Tong, Ge Shi
Abstract: When the cylindrical NdFeB magnet was magnetized along the axle wire, the magnetic field around the magnet was symmetric about the axle wire. The output voltage of Hall sensor was proportional to magnetic induction induced by itself. Around the magnet, the magnetic induction component along the axle wire could be measured by Hall sensor. The contour line and contour surface of magnetic induction could be plotted by MATLAB. A sensor array was composed of three Hall sensors in triangular distribution, and 3D Cartesian Coordinate System was established. 3D coordinate of magnet can be measured with this sensor array based on contour surface. Underground soil deformation will change the relative position of sensor array and magnet. The size of geotechnical displacement can be calculated after getting the new 3D coordinate of magnet. Along with dual-axis magnetic sensor based on MR effect, the orientation of geotechnical displacement can be measured, and so able to measure the underground displacement.
Authors: Li Mei Qi, Ming Deng Shi
Abstract: All of the gas station has established underground storage tanks in accordance with the unified state standards. Due to the reasons such as deformation of foundation many tanks occurs the longitudinal tilt and lateral deflection changed after a period of time in use that lead to tank capacity charts to change. This paper solves the storage tank displacements recognition and capacity charts calibration by mathematical modeling method and MATLAB software. We study the calibration tank capacity charts when actual storage tank happen vertical or horizontal displacements on the basis of research on small elliptic cylinder oil tank.
Authors: Xiao Fei Luo, Xian Xia, Kai Jun Wu
Abstract: Aim at the electric power transformer with inductance is large, resistance is small, the inherent characteristics of the large time constant, a fast measurement scheme of power transformer winding DC resistance is proposed. The scheme adopts the increase the measurement circuit loop resistance mutation method, in which the circuit transition process from a time constant is forced to another time constant, to realize the rapid measurement of winding DC resistance in power transformer. Simulation results show the effectiveness of the scheme.
Authors: Guang Min Cao, Fa Ju Qiu, Wei Yan Shang
Abstract: An automatic measurement system used on deviation measurement of the cable crane tower has been designed, and the development ideas and the key codes have also been given. Then by experiment, it has been improved that the system has overcame the shortcomings of low efficiency and high labor intensity existed in the previous manual targeting, and measurement errors have also been reduced by the automatic measurement system. Based on the above advantages, the system has a high application value and promotion prospects.
Authors: Le Wen Yu, Da Zhang, Yuan Sheng Zhang
Abstract: This paper puts forward a three-dimensional measurement system based on line laser, describing its operating principle. Extracted the light stripes center by image processing technology, and establishing mathematical model, detecting the depth information by the method of laser triangulation, and reconstructed the three-dimensional form of object. The experimental results indicate that measurement accuracy less than ±0.03mm when the measurement range between 0mm to 10mm.
Authors: Wei Na Liu, Wen Bo Xu, Li Feng Yang
Abstract: In order to improve precision, outdated measurement method, complicated structure and weak anti-jam ability in liquid level measurement, a set of liquid level system was designed with the core of high-precision laser displacement sensor. The system adopted non-contact laser trigonometric survey method and powerful virtual instrument techniques. It could conduct online and real-time measurement to infinitesimal displacement on liquid level with high speed and precision. Through measurement experiment, its accuracy and practical applicability is verified.
Authors: Chang Run Xiao, Wen Zhao Zhang
Abstract: Three optimization models were proposed according to the problems emerged from self-propelled model test. And the object function to evaluated acoustic positionings precision of some given receivers arrays was created. The genetic algorithm code to solve this optimization problem was developed and validated by optimization model 1 afterwards. The optimum arrangements for model 1 and model 3 were acquired by calculating such code. The cross arrays was certificated to be the optimum ones. One new method to arrange acoustic receivers in self-propelled model test was drafted.
Authors: Chang Run Xiao, Ya Yun Xu
Abstract: The study of uncertainty evaluation is very important in all measurements. This paper reviews the progress of uncertainty in measurement and some of the most relevant efforts and subsequently demonstrates that the ITTC recommended procedure is a suitable method for estimation of uncertainty in ship hydrodynamics. The results show that ship model tests and CFD would benefit from the adoption of the procedures as the working standard. The idea of its application in Self-propelled Submarine Model is also put forward.
Authors: Wei Kang Zhu, Hui Fen Li, Jun Shan Mu, Guo Hu Xue, Zheng Xu Dai
Abstract: Tracking data containing outliers would seriously distort the accuracy of data processing for space tracking ships. Effective measures have to be adopted for the detection and correction of outliers. The time series of observations obtained by space tracking ships contain complex periodical elements caused by ship deformation and rolling. It brings difficulty to the detection of outliers. To solve the problem, a variety of detection methods were studied based on measurement elements representation model. The paper gives an analysis about the characteristic of measurements taken by the ships and proposes to detect the information about outliers by considering the correlation in time, space and data properties. A detection model based on spline function representation model is constructed and tested. Numerical results show that the proposed method can detect and correct outliers effectively, and provide an alternative to the current method of the measurements processing for the space tracking ships.

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