AICAM 2005

Volumes 11-12

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ya Feng Li, Jue Cheng

Abstract: Thiirane is usually synthesized by epoxy resin, and there are considerable content of epoxy mixed in thiirane because of the poor yields....

Authors: Na An, Qiang Xu, Liang Hua Xu, Si Zhu Wu

Abstract: The microstructure of the polyacrylonitrile (PAN) precursors can strongly affect the structure of the carbon fibers which determine the...

Authors: Si Yang Luo, Yu Zhang, Jing Bo Zhao

Abstract: Low molecular weight poly(butylene adipate) (PBA) was synthesized by melt polycondensation. The chain extension of the prepolymers was...

Authors: Zeng Yan Wei, Dong Mei Yue, Xiao Ting Mo, Li Qun Zhang

Abstract: Hydrogenation of neoprene (CR) latex was carried out by utilization of diimide with boric acid as a catalyst. Various hydrogenation...

Authors: Teng Zhang, Ri Guang Jin

Abstract: A novel phosphazene cyclomatrix network polymer was synthesized via nucleophilic displacement of activated nitro groups of...

Authors: Yan Lei Gao, Jin Ping Xiong, San Ping Zhang, Yu Zuo

Abstract: In this paper, the aging of an epoxy adhesive which is used to aluminum- aluminum composite joints in medium was studied by infrared...

Authors: Jie Yang, Li Xin Mao, Liang Hua Xu

Abstract: The rheological properties and viscoelasticity of PAN/DMSO solutions were studied by means of revolving rheometer under the scan modes of...

Authors: Bing Chuan Li, Wei Kun Wang, Zhi Feng Fu, An Bang Wang, Ke Guo Yuan

Abstract: Lithium rechargeable battery is a new type of battery developed in recent years. The studies on this system are naturally focused on the...

Authors: Dinh Van Hai, S. Itoh, Shigeharu Kamado, Yo Kojima
Authors: Kentaro Yamada, Yoshiyuki Okubo, Shigeharu Kamado, Yo Kojima

Abstract: Precipitate microstructures in Mg-2.0Gd-1.2Y-0.75Zn-0.2Zr alloy were investigated and the characteristic and mechanism of microstructure...


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