Manufacturing Processes and Systems

Volumes 148-149

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lek Sikong, Peerawas Kongsong, Vishnu Rachpech

Abstract: The water disinfection efficiency of Fe3+ and N-doped 3SnO2/TiO2 composite and undoped films was investigated. The water containing E. coli...

Authors: Feng Li Bei, Yang Mei Li

Abstract: A novel coordinated nano-material containing vanadium with regular helical chains has been prepared via a hydrothermal procedure by using...

Authors: Wei Gao, Qing Cai Liu, Cun Fang Lu, Jian Yang, Juan Wen, Hui Min Zheng

Abstract: Mercury is a toxic air pollution, and coal-fired utility plants are the largest anthropogenic emission source in China. Due to rapidly...

Authors: Xiang Yang Chen, Xin Zhe Lan, Qiu Li Zhang, Yu Hong Tian, Hong Zhou Ma, Lin Bo Li

Abstract: The microwave is the electromagnetic radiation with the frequency in the between 300 MHz~300GHz. The microwave technology in metallurgy...

Authors: Shan Ping Li, Wei Yang, Jing Fu

Abstract: A new kind of composite flocculant, polyaluminum ferric chloride (PAFC), was prepared using blast furnace dust and scrap material of...

Authors: Xuan Zang, Ying Sun, Ke Jun Li

Abstract: Smart Home technology promises enormous possibilities to our future life. It contains internal network, intelligent control and home...

Authors: Qian Yu, Lin Yu, Gui Qiang Diao, Ming Sun, Ying Min Huang, Yong Feng Li

Abstract: Reverse micro emulsion method showed some advantages in the preparation of the catalyst MnBaAl11O19-δ with large surface area and high...

Authors: Xiao Wang, Liu Shuan Yang, Jin Liang Huang, Fei Long Li

Abstract: The Bi1.5ZnNb1.5O7 ( -BZN) ceramics were prepared by combining conventional solid synthesis (CS) and hydrothermal method (HTM). The emphasis...

Authors: Xing Yong Gu, Can Ran Li, Xiao Hong Hu

Abstract: F-doped TiO2 catalysts were obtained by sol process,in which tetrabutyl titanate was used as precursor and hydrofluoric acid as iondonors....

Authors: Hua Lan Wang, Qing Li Hao, Xi Feng Xia, Zhi Jia Wang, Jiao Tian, Ji Hua Zhu, Chun Tang, Xin Wang

Abstract: A graphene oxide/polyaniline composite was synthesized by an in situ polymerization process. This product was simply prepared in an ethylene...


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