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Authors: Lan Wu
Abstract:A Multi-quantum-well (MQW) spatial light modulator (SLM) was developed and tested. The test results shows that CR could reach 1.7,the swing...
Authors: Wen Qian Kang, Di Li, Peng Wei Guo
Abstract:Feature recognition is the key technology in establishing auto body panel CAPP system. For regular parts, it has made great achievements in...
Authors: Er Shun Pan, Yao Jin, Zhao Mei, Ying Wang
Abstract:A stencil printing process (SPP) optimization problem is studied in this paper. Due to the limitation that neural network requires a large...
Authors: Zhi Qiang Lu, Yue Jun Zhang
Abstract:We integrated run-based preventive maintenance (PM) into the production plan at the tactical level. The production plan was based on the...
Authors: Ning Liu, Xin Qian, Gen Fa Lu, Liang Min Gao, Gui Xing Ning, Yan Mei, Zhou Man Huang, Bao Hua Sheng, Xiao Li Kai, Zhi Feng Wang
Abstract:This study aims to investigate the changing of operational parameters and waste reducing rate, as well as the possibility of using produced...
Authors: Teng Yun Zhang, You Yuan Shao, Jian Chen, Hong Bo Fan
Abstract:The novel electrochemical membrane reactor for wastewater treatment was designed and introduced. As the key part of the electromembrane...
Authors: Jun An, Jin Song Fan, Rui Hua, Da Peng Feng
Abstract:Product modeling or prototype is an important part of new product development. After comparing the characteristics of physical model, digital...
Authors: Jing Song Wang, Si Guang Chen, Zhi Wu Zhou, Rui Ting Peng
Abstract:Modified magnetic microspheres were prepared and used to adsorb As ( ) from aqueous solution. The experiments were conducted in a batch...
Authors: Bao You Liu, Yuan Yuan Wang, Fu Xiang Wei, Hong Yan Zhang
Abstract:Four novel amino-functionalized ionic liquids were prepared with high yield (80%-90%) in a simple, straightforward, one-step synthetic...
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