Advanced Manufacturing Technology, ICAMMP 2010

Volumes 156-157

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dong Yang, Huan Yong Cui, Xi Jie Tian, Peng Fei Xu

Abstract: Based on 3D solid modeling software Solid Works, a drawing method of spherical involute has been achieved, and the solid modeling accuracy...

Authors: Jian Mei Wang, Qing Xue Huang, Tao Lei, Jian Feng Kang, Yang Fan

Abstract: Under the given lubricating oil, rolling speed and rolling pressure, the finite element analysis software ANSYS Workbench and CFX were used...

Authors: Qi Bing Chang, Xia Wang, Jian Er Zhou, Yong Qing Wang, Guang Yao Meng

Abstract: To explain the deformation during the co-sintering of NiO/YSZ-YSZ coating, the sintering shrinkage of NiO, NiO/YSZ and YSZ were measured by...

Authors: Da Wei Zhang, Wenbin Dong, Lei Jin, Jie Zhang, Yuan Chang Jin

Abstract: Five preponderant yeast strains (YDJ01, YDJ02, YDJ03, YDJ04 and YDJ05) were isolated from the spontaneous fermentation pear wine as source...

Authors: Yi Nan Hao, Xi Ming Wang

Abstract: Xanthoceras Sorbifolia Bunge crust was used as source material to make carbon by chemically impregnated by sodium hydroxide、carbonized at...

Authors: Yu Zhou Sun, Ya Dong Bian, Yan Zhi Zhu

Abstract: This paper presents a study for the interaction of a penny-shaped interfacial crack and a center of dilatation in an infinite bimaterial,...

Authors: Jian Jun Hu, Quan Guo Zhang, Ting Zhou Lei, Zhi Wei Wang

Abstract: In the paper, in order to investigate the situation of impact on wet molding for straw of compressing speed and moisture ratio, and look for...

Authors: Tian Han, Jie Bai, Zhong Jun Yin

Abstract: The complex nonlinear dynamics of a rotor-rolling bearing system with crack is built by dynamic simulation software ADAMS. The transverse...

Authors: Xiao Yu Tan, Jin Li, Wen Deng

Abstract: Combined with the actual situation of China, drawing on foreign models based on the quantitative methods, this paper gets a model based on...

Authors: Gui Fan Zhao, Tso Liang Teng, Dong Cui

Abstract: The head impacting properties and the lightweight effect of a kind of foam composite material engine hood are studied in this paper. The...


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