Advanced Manufacturing Technology, ICAMMP 2010

Volumes 156-157

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Qiang Pan

Abstract: During processing, the interaction among the multi-parameters which influences the coating surface roughness is very complex. In order to...

Authors: Mudjalin Poonprasit, Siriprapa Pangkamhang

Abstract: The cleaner technology (CT) concept was applied to the household silk dyeing process, to develop a more environmentally friendly silk...

Authors: Ying Hui Shang, Yu Nan Zhang, Nan Ming Yan, Jian Zhang, Dong Wang

Abstract: In order to improve brake performance of military tracked vehicles, a novel all electric brake system (AEBS) is studied in this paper....

Authors: Xiao Gang Qiu, Huai An Yi

Abstract: This article uses UG to establish the three-dimensional model for the automobile cover panel parts, and establish a parts technological...

Authors: Xiao Shan Li, Huan Wu Sun, Jin Hua Huang

Abstract: Based on the studies of the Standard, RNG models and SST model, a vehicle external flow field is calculated with three different models....

Authors: Yuan Zhang, Kai Fu Zhang, Jian Feng Yu, Lei Zhao

Abstract: To study the effect of assembly process information combining disassemble and assemble on satellite assembly sequence, this paper presents...

Authors: Jin Song Fan

Abstract: As an important approach of promoting Industrial Design in our country, international Industrial Design exchange activities are carrying out...

Authors: Hui Dong Su, Hong Lei Du

Abstract: Titanium oxide coatings(TiO2/Ti) were formed on the titanium surface by micro-arc oxidation(MAO) in Na3PO4 solution.Using the TiO2/Ti as...

Authors: Sheng Zhu, Jian Liu, Feng Liang Yin, Yuan Yuan Liang

Abstract: Welding arc deposition is a high efficient rapid forming technology which can be used to rapidly form metal functional parts directly....

Authors: Xiao Ling Wang, Hui Zhao

Abstract: We present a system to remove noise or smooth three dimensional (3D) virtual mechanical equipment models. Our system works not in well-known...


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