Advanced Manufacturing Technology, ICAMMP 2010

Volumes 156-157

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hui Jing, Cong Li, Mei Fa Huang, Fu Yun Liu

Abstract: Radius Angle Histogram (RAH) is useful method of retrieving 3D mechanical models. This method, however, not completely uses the information...

Authors: Dian Zhu Sun, Xin Cai Kang, Jian Liu, Chuan Hui Cui

Abstract: To achieve the accurate duplication of product in reverse engineering, We proposed an algorithm for the optimization of NC tool-path based...

Authors: An Qiang Deng, Jing Bo Fan, Ke Nong Qian

Abstract: La0.8-xPrxMg0.2Ni3.8 (x=0,0.15,0.3,0.4) alloys were prepared by induction melting followed by annealing treatment at 1173K for 24 h. Alloys...

Authors: Xi Qin Ma, Chang Qi Yang, Guang Sheng Ren

Abstract: A system is developed to detect output pressure of rail transit brake system and the principle of the system design is expatiated. The...

Authors: Xin E. Li, Jing Zu, Peng Xu

Abstract: When the gun chamber pressure is tested, its instantaneous high temperature up to 3000 , Sensor directly touches the high temperature gas....

Authors: Fu Ying Zhang, Hong Chao Zhang, Hui Zheng, Qing Qing Zhang

Abstract: The energy consumption and environmental impacts of a product are largely determined during concept design. It is the core for energy saving...

Authors: Li Ping Wang, Wei Juan Jiang, Er Deng Du, Chu Qiao Wang, Nai Yun Gao

Abstract: The lake-type raw water was treated in a photocatalytic oxidization reactor. The experiment was carried out using ultrasonic under the...

Authors: De Ping Fang, Quan Feng Wang

Abstract: There remain two kinds of the Wilson-θ methods, the Wilson-θ and methods named by author. In the Wilson-θ method, the accelerations are not...

Authors: Hui Xian Han, Pi Shun Ren, Xian Li Cao, Mao Fu Liu

Abstract: This study analysis the use requirement of engineering vehicles travel system, introduces the hydraulic system and the design scheme of...

Authors: Lei Yang, Ying Ying Chen, Wen Ge Li, Xiao Yan Sun

Abstract: The preparation of reinforced metal matrix composites used by the method of in-situ and laser cladding has become one of the interesting...


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