Advanced Manufacturing Technology, ICAMMP 2010

Volumes 156-157

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Nan Guo, Yuan Yuan Cao, Dan Dan Liu

Abstract: In existing multi-population multi-objective cultural algorithms, information are exchanged among sub-populations by individuals. However,...

Authors: Jian Fei Ouyang, Wan Li Liu

Abstract: The features of the widely-used coordinate measuring arm (CMA) are discussed. A novel technology for quick volumetric error verification of...

Authors: Chong Jing Yan, Yan Song

Abstract: Virtual enterprise or e-manufacturing is an advanced and effective manufacturing mode to modern manufacturing enterprises. In these modes,...

Authors: Lin Yan, Wen Yu Yang, Hong Ping Jin

Abstract: This paper gives a new experimental approach for determination the effect of tool flank wear length on workpiece surface cutting...

Authors: Feng Wang, Jing Zhou, Zi Long An, Xin Jing Zhou

Abstract: Cu-based catalyst is active for methanol steam reforming (MSR) at low temperature. The Cu、Cu+Al2O3 composite and CuO/ZnO/Al2O3 catalytic...

Authors: Jiang Chun Hu, Hong Fang Wang, Man Chao He

Abstract: It is a key step of finite element method analysis to generate engineering structure mesh. The continuous conceptual model of discontinuous...

Authors: Jian Yu Chu, You Po Su

Abstract: The site selection for earthquake emergency shelter is important to ensure the safety and service ability of shelter in earthquake disaster....

Authors: Xu Nan Ning, Shi Wen Li, Jing Yong Liu, Zuo Yi Yang, Zhu Ying

Abstract: For better harmlessly treatment of papermaking sludge, a new technology for solidifying and stabling of sludge was studied. Papermaking...

Authors: Ming Li Sun, Hai Rong Cui, Bin Wang, Wei Zeng Chen

Abstract: Based on the finite element software ANSYS, the magnetic-circuit field of sensor is analyzed. The results of numerical simulation show that...

Authors: Nai Chao Chen, Jian Xing Ren, Peng Zhan, Zhi Cheng Xu

Abstract: The compressive experimental produce is assigned to measure the compressive force, moving compressive length and their time consumption for...


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