Advances in Composites

Volumes 150-151

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fu Hai Li, Yue Zhong Ye, Yan Ke Yang

Abstract: . In order to protect cast-in place piles of high speed railway bridge, steel pipes which used to be used during the work progress are left...

Authors: Wen Xiang Wu, Si Nan Zhu

Abstract: By using artificial non-homogeneous cores which coefficient of variation is 0.72 to simulate reservoir sandstone, and proceed the research...

Authors: You Qing Jiang, Yun Bo Zhang

Abstract: Polymer blends of a binary system with limited miscibility are a kind of different surface structure polymer blends which main chains are...

Authors: Su Zhao, Li Yuan Qiu, Shuang Liu

Abstract: The influence of film forming matter to heat preservation insulation coating reflectivity was studied. Organosilicon modified...

Authors: Sui Lian Luo, Yang Shan Hu, Guang Shi, Hui Ming Pan

Abstract: It is necessary to improve the adhesion of the cured rubber to a substrate as it is used extensively. It is well known that an improvement...

Authors: Chun Lv

Abstract: The primary factor in reducing building energy consumption is the wall energy, but thickening the walls simply and using traditional...

Authors: Rong Xian Zhu, Wen Ji Yu

Abstract: The effect of density on physical and mechanical properties of phenolic-impregnated cold-pressing reconstituted small-sized bamboo fibrous...

Authors: Ting Xi Li, Su Su Gao, Peng Sui, Na Kong, Sha Sha Wu, Shan Ting Li

Abstract: Novel pyridine-containing compounds were synthesized and their properties were studied. Organic electroluminescent devices using these...

Authors: Shuang Xi Wang, Xue Qiong Ouyang, Ya Dong Wang, Qiong Na Zheng, Jing You

Abstract: Green tapes were prepared by aqueous tape-casting method with binders of polyvinyl alcohol, styrene-acrylate emulsion and the mixed binders,...

Authors: Bao Hua Zhang, Bin Chen, Hong Xu, Yan Qing Weng

Abstract: The 2-methylimidazole (Im) -terminated hyperbranched polyesters (ImHBPs) with different generations were prepared and used in diglycidyl...


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