Advances in Composites

Volumes 150-151

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dan Hong Wang, Xiao Ru Zhao, Hui Nan Sun, Li Bing Duan, Chang Le Chen

Abstract: The sol-gel method was employed to prepare the Eu3+-doped TiO2 thin films. The influence of doping concentration and annealing temperature...

Authors: Guo Hua Xie, He Qing Du, Shu Jing Zhu, Yong Jie Xue

Abstract: Four kinds of industrial solid waste, granulated blast furnace slag (GBFS), electric furnace steel slag (EFSS), semi-dry flue gas...

Authors: Qiong Wang, En Dong Guo, Zai Rong Wang, Dan Yang

Abstract: Seismic damage, such as falling, fissure and dislocation of the lining may happen at location of fault movement. The model of enhancing...

Authors: Cha Xiu Guo

Abstract: The application of phase change materials (PCMs) is very promising in buildings because it allows the storage and discharge of considerable...

Authors: Zhi Yi Huang, Shao Rong Lu, Zhi You Yang, Chun He Yu, Dong Guo

Abstract: Liquid crystal polyurethane (LCPBI) containing biphenylnate and imide units was synthesized and characterized and used to modify the...

Authors: Chun Hua Zhang, Jin Bao Zhang, Mu Chao Qu, Jian Nan Zhang

Abstract: Basalt fiber and carbon fiber hybrid with alternate stacking sequences reinforced epoxy composites have been developed to improve the...

Authors: Wei Zhang, Wen Yong Tang, Ying Chao Pu, Sheng Kun Zhang

Abstract: Based on effective composite material failure criteria and property limited degradation model, axial compressive ultimate strength of...

Authors: Jun Xiao, Bao Guo Ma, Hong Bo Tan

Abstract: Several different sintering systems about the formation of C3A ,by mixing CaO and Al2O3 powder, are studied in this experiment. The sample...

Authors: Qian Xu, Shao Guo Wen, Hong Bo Liu, Ji Hu Wang, Yan Shen

Abstract: The core-shell acrylic emulsion was synthesized,with P(MMA/BA) as core,and with P(2-EHA/MBA/HPA) as shell. The influence of the mass ratio...

Authors: Jing Long Li, Shu Cai Li, Shu Chen Li

Abstract: The concrete cutoff wall is a technology used in reinforcing sick dams more usually in recent years. In the text, the advanced FLAC3D method...


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