Advances in Composites

Volumes 150-151

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gang Wang, Xin Xin Ma, Guang Ze Tang, Yong Liu, Shi Yu He, De Zhuang Yang

Abstract: MoSx/Au films about 1μm in thickness were deposited on 9Cr18 steel substrate discs by magnetron sputtering method. The chemical composition...

Authors: Yi Bing Xu, Ni Ni Wang, Guo Zhu Yu, Lin Xu, Chuan Qing Li

Abstract: A novel Tin-functionalized integrated rubber of styrene-isoprene-butadiene tri-copolymer (SIBR) was prepared in the styrene (St)/isoprene...

Authors: Gui Ming Wang, Jun Xue Zhang, Hui Chen

Abstract: The performance of Capillary Crystalline Waterproofing Coatings(CCWC) was measured by its impermeability and self-healing ability. At the...

Authors: Shu Jun Ji, Xue Yi Guo, Jian Xiong Dong, Peng Su

Abstract: Using corundum, quartz, kaoline, etc, as base components and CeO2-rich mixed rare earth as modifier, foam ceramics were fabricated adopting...

Authors: Jun Gang Gao, Bei Bei Sun, Xing Li

Abstract: The UV-curable unsaturated polyester (UPR) was modified with glycidyl methacrylate and methylacryloylpropyl polyhedral oligomeric...

Authors: Yan Wang, Di Tao Niu, Yuan Yao Miao, Nai Qi Jiao

Abstract: The concrete microstructure can affect its macroscopic properties, such as the strength and durability, etc. Based on the experimental study...

Authors: Ming Wei Di, Yang Liu

Abstract: Wood/Polyethylene (PE) composites were modified by air glow discharge plasma. The modified composites surface were characterized by contact...

Authors: Ming Tao Run, Li Jie Guo, Qing Chang Zhang, Yu Zhong, Qing Han, Yan Ping Hao

Abstract: Poly(ethylene-octene)(POE) and organic montmorillonite(OMMT) acting respectively as the toughening agents and reinforcing agents, were used...

Authors: Ming Tao Run, Hong Sheng Zhang, Xin Li, Fu Yuan Cui

Abstract: The morphological, mechanical and rheological properties of poly(trimethylene terephthalate)(PTT)/maleinized acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene...

Authors: Jiang Feng Dong, Qing Yuan Wang, Yan Mei Zhu

Abstract: This paper presents the results of an experimental research work designed to study the flexural strengthening capacity and the modes of...


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