Advances in Composites

Volumes 150-151

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Peng Li, Lin Wu, Min Liu

Abstract: In this paper, the chromium-free passivation solution was prepared by organic / inorganic process. The surface morphology and corrosion...

Authors: Dan Dan Yang, Hai Ping Xu, Lu Ping Zhu, Yi Hua Wu

Abstract: Nanocomposites of polyacrylonitrile (PAN) and Organophilic alpha-zirconium phosphate (OZrP) were prepared by gelation/crystallization. OZrP...

Authors: Feng Bin Liu, Guang Ping He, Ming Zhao

Abstract: The electrochemical behaviors of several chlorophenols were investigated on boron-doped diamond thin film electrode. 2-chlorophenol,...

Authors: Hyojin Kim, Masataka Sakiyama, Kenichi Takemura

Abstract: The effects of thermal cycling and freezing after water absorption on tensile properties of green composites were examined. Jute fiber and...

Authors: Yao Hui Dong, Qiang Gao, Yue Zhang, Jian Zhang Li

Abstract: In order to characterize the curing behavior of low molar ratio urea-formaldehyde (UF) resin, the curing time and thermal analysis in curing...

Authors: Hui Qiang Chen, Bo Ming Tang

Abstract: In order to reduce traffic accidents in tunnel, a type of new road material with excellent skid resistance and multicolour which was...

Authors: Yan Li Wang, Zhao Hui Huang, Xi Hong Zhao, Jia Rong Li

Abstract: The effect of elements such as Ti, Al, Hf, Zr and B on hot tearing susceptibility during directional solidification was explored by...

Authors: Run Guo Zheng, Zai Ji Zhan, Bo Liang, Wen Kui Wang

Abstract: Copper matrix composites with different La2O3 content were fabricated by powder metallurgy method. Sliding wear behavior of the Cu-La2O3...

Authors: Shuai Qin Yu, Li Hua Dong, Yan Sheng Yin

Abstract: The geometric structures and electronic properties of Si doped Fen (n=2-7) clusters have been systematically studied at the BPW91 level in...

Authors: Xue Jun Zhang, Su Mei Kang, Zhan Qing Liu

Abstract: A new kind of latent curing agent (LCA) for epoxy resin was synthesized by the reaction of Ethylenediamine with Butylacrylate in equal molar...


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