Advances in Composites

Volumes 150-151

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ji Sheng Sheng, Su Jiang Dai

Abstract: Cracks is frequently generated in crown gear of main reducer of big modulus used in heavy duty truck after carbonizing and quenching. The...

Authors: Qing Nan Zhao, Shuo Wu, Deng Kui Miao

Abstract: The textured thin films of fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO) were prepared onto preheated glass substrates by a spray pyrolysis technique,...

Authors: Bin Liang, Li Xin Chen, Jian Na Dong, Hui Xin Zhao, Feng Fei Liang

Abstract: A novel phenolic resin suitable for hot-melt impregnation process was developed through copolymerization. The curing reactivity, gel...

Authors: Song Min Zhang, Liu Jie Xu

Abstract: The components in slurry pump suffer serious corrosion and abrasion in the phosphorus fertilizer manufacturing process because they undergo...

Authors: Yu Cai, Tao Du, Sheng Li Zhao, Jiu Ba Wen

Abstract: Influence of borate eluent pH value and competition eluant on regeneration of the used IMAC-Cu proteinchip is investigated by SEM and...

Authors: Fei Fei Zhu, Zhi Li Zhong, Zong Fu Guo

Abstract: The three composite boards which were made of continuous basalt fiber (CBF) and polypropylene fiber (PP) in different fiber ratios were...

Authors: Min Yue, Qin Yan Yue, Yuan Feng Qi

Abstract: The object of this study is to investigate the sintering mechanism of lightweight ceramic by different sintering temperature. The raw...

Authors: Sheng Li Zhao, Ji Ne Zhu, Zhao Yang Wu

Abstract: The NiO thin film was deposited on the stainless and single crystal Si substrate by the dip-coating combined with thermal treatment. Thermal...

Authors: Liu Jie Xu, Shi Zhong Wei, Guo Shang Zhang, Ji Wen Li, Xiang Dong Ma, Bao Zhu Dai

Abstract: To enhance the wear resistance of molybdenum alloys, Mo-based composites reinforced by Al2O3 ceramic particles were developed. Using...

Authors: Zhi Jun Liu, Xiao Ming Qian, Shou Hui Chen

Abstract: Being torn apart due to the slit initially cut on coated fabrics is the typical form of failure under mono-axial tensile load. The...


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