Advances in Composites

Volumes 150-151

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Jun Xie, Xin Jian He, Hui Ying Zhang, Xin Qiang Han

Abstract: Kaolin/sodium lignosulfonate graft acrylic acid and acrylamide superabsorbents composites(LPAAM) were prepared by solution polymerization...

Authors: Hui Pang, Bing Zhao, Xiao Min He

Abstract: Chinese government has announced to the world that, the carbon emission will decrease by 40-45% in 2020, after the World Climate Summit in...

Authors: Ping Lv, Xin Mao Li, Wei Bo Huang

Abstract: This paper mainly studies the mechanical properties and microstructure of polyurea coatings (SPUA) through the experiment of dry-wet...

Authors: Hai Feng Wang, Bao Guo Ma, Xiao Bo Yin

Abstract: According to the system of asphalt pavement cold in-place recycling(APCIR), added proper Na2SO4 into different designed reclaimed asphalt...

Authors: Ping Zhang, Qiu Yi Li, Tie Jun Zhao, Xiang Xin Xue

Abstract: This paper deals with RPC produced by superfine slag powder(measured specific surface area is 1824 m2/kg) and natural sands with a low...

Authors: Xiao Man Du, Qin Fu Liu, Hong Fei Cheng

Abstract: The kaolinite-potassium acetate composite was prepared by the immersion method. The intercalation composites were characterized by means of...

Authors: Xia Xu, Hao Ding, Ning Liang, Bai Kun Wang, Xiao Jing Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, the requirements for processing equipments and technologies of mineral superfine powder used in HPC are analyzed. Mechanism...

Authors: Fei Sun, Li Chen, Yi Fan Zhang

Abstract: The shape retention properties of tackified fabrics were studied in this article. And the effects of different concentrations’ tackifier...

Authors: Rong Lin Wang, Jia Lin Sun, Jing Long Bu, Zhi Fa Wang

Abstract: Al-ZrO2 composites were sintered in N2 atmosphere at 1000 oC, 1100 oC, 1200 oC and 1300 oC with ZrO2 and Al powders as raw materials....

Authors: Ke Xu Jiang, Ying Xiong, Xiao Feng Wang, Yu Chun Zhai

Abstract: The extraction kinetics of molybdenum(VI) with trialkyl amine (N235, R3N, R = C8–C10) dissolved in heptane has been investigated by constant...


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