Advances in Composites

Volumes 150-151

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bing Han, Qian Wang, Yuan Feng Wang

Abstract: Based on concrete creep calculation model B3 and mechanical characteristics of concrete-filled steel tube (CFT) beam-column members of large...

Authors: Qian Feng, Zhi Gao Huang, You Wei Du

Abstract: Monte Carlo simulation studies are performed to examine the effects of amorphous surfaces and the size of the system on magnetic critical...

Authors: Bin Fang, Chuan Zhen Huang, Chong Hai Xu, Sheng Sun

Abstract: The fabrication is a key process for the preparation of ceramic tool materials, which governs the mechanical properties of ceramic tool...

Authors: Tao Ding, Guang Xiong Chen, Ming Xue Shen, Min Hao Zhu, Wei Hua Zhang

Abstract: Friction and wear tests of stainless steel rubbing against copper-impregnated metalized carbon with electric current were carried on the...

Authors: Shi Lang Xu, Wen Liu

Abstract: This paper presents an experimental study on the flexural fatigue characteristics of Ultra-High Toughness Cementitious Composites (UHTCC),...

Authors: Hong Bing Zhu, Xiu Li

Abstract: To investigate the residual strength degradation of recycled aggregate concrete under fatigue loading, experiments were conducted to...

Authors: Wen Qin Du, Fei Yu, Hong Jin Qi

Abstract: For continuous production of electromagnetic shielding fabrics, in short time, 3 min., copper, silver, tin and nickel were used to fabricate...

Authors: Cheng Zhao Yang, Guo Qing Zhang, Lei Zhang, Li Ma

Abstract: A composite anode material of SnO2/graphite(GT)/carbon nanotube(CNT) for lithium-ion batteries was prepared by ball milling. It was observed...

Authors: Feng Gao, Qing Nan Zhao, Xiu Jian Zhao, Yu Hong Dong

Abstract: Silicon Nitride thin films were deposited on glass substrates by r.f. magnetron sputtering with a mixture gas of N2 and Ar. The properties...

Authors: Xi Hong Li, Kuan Guo, Xiao Yan Zhao

Abstract: This paper explains and demonstrates the effects of beeswax on functional and structural properties of soy protein isolate films, containing...


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