Advances in Composites

Volumes 150-151

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Katsuyuki Kida

Abstract: In the present work we present the results of a simple laboratory experiment which fulfils the mechanical conditions of formation of...

Authors: Lin Nie, Xing Lan Zhang, Rong Nie

Abstract: ICPF (Ionic Conducting Polymer Film) is a kind of smart film and has the characteristics of flexibility, good response and being driven by a...

Authors: Wei Min Kang, Bo Wen Cheng, Quan Xiang Li, Fang Fang Zuo

Abstract: The chitosan(CS)/polyurethane(PU) blend nanofibers have been prepared for the first time by electrospinning. Formic acid (FA) and...

Authors: Yong Hao Fang, Quan Wen, Pin Dai

Abstract: The properties and void structures of foamed concretes prepared from portland cement, fly ash, steel slag and foam agent were investigated....

Authors: Jun Qing Guo, He Yang, Ping Liu, Shu Guo Jia, Li Ming Bi

Abstract: The DPCC(deformation processed Cu-based in-situ composite) behaved better combined performance. In this paper, Cu-10Fe-1.5Ag and...

Authors: Ya Li Bai, Hong Xu, Zhi Ping Mao

Abstract: Poly(L-lactic acid)-co-bisphenol-A epoxy resin/vermiculite nanocomposites(PLLA-co-bis A /VMT)were prepared by in-situ melt polycondensation...

Authors: Gui Lin Song, Tian Xing Wang, Cun Jun Xia, Chao Li, Fang Gao Chang

Abstract: Multiferroic Bi1-xGdxFeO3(x=0, 0.05, 0.1, 0.15, 0.2) ceramics were prepared by conventional solid state reaction method. For all the samples...

Authors: Hui Xia Feng, Jian Qiang Zhang, Sheng Li Liu

Abstract: It was reported that suspension polymerization experiment of methyl methacrylate/ styrene copolymer in inorganic/organic ternary composite...

Authors: Hong Chi Zhao, Xiu Ting Wu, Wei Wei Tian, Shi Tong Ren

Abstract: Poly(allylamine phosphate) (PAP) was synthesized by solution polymerization using allylamine phosphate (AP) as monomer,...

Authors: Tao Lin, Xiang Chao Zhang

Abstract: Titanium dioxide thin film has been successfully synthesized deposited on ITO glass substrates by the sol–gel dip-coating method using...


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