Advances in Composites

Volumes 150-151

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jie Zhang, Sha Li, Xiao Ming Qian

Abstract: Fiber reinforced composites have been an important way to utilize agriculture plant fibers. Flax fiber is plant fiber and strong,...

Authors: Xiang Zhu He, Xiao Wei Zhang, Xin Li Zhou, Zhi Hong Fu

Abstract: This paper presented the composite coatings of nickel with graphite particle on the aluminum substrate using a nickel sulfamate bath....

Authors: Hong Chi Zhao, Ling Ling Gao, Qian Feng Li, Juan Li Guo

Abstract: Copolymers of styrene (St), n-butyl acrylate (BA) and vinyltrimethoxysilane (VTMS) have been synthesized by emulsifier-free emulsion...

Authors: Xiang Zhu He, Xin Li Zhou, Xiao Wei Zhang

Abstract: A small amount of nickel ions is added to trivalent chromium chloride plating bath to study effect of Ni ions on trivalent chromium...

Authors: Yi Ming Chen, Hai Yan Zhang

Abstract: Aligned carbon nanotubes (ACNTs) array is synthesized by plasma-enhanced hot filament chemical vapor deposition of the stainless steel...

Authors: Man Tong Jin, Cai Ju Huang, Liang Chen, Xin Sun, Lian Jun Wang

Abstract: The geopolymer was chosen to immobilize the municipal solid waste incineration (MSWI) fly ash because of its strong fixing capacity for...

Authors: Jin Zheng, Bo Chen, Chun Yang Ye

Abstract: The evaluation on energy characteristics of earthquake-excited building structures with seismic protection devices is actively carried out...

Authors: Jian Ping Long, Wei Li, Shan Hua Chen, Jin Hui Lin, Ying Zeng

Abstract: Short mullite fiber reinforced Al-Cu-Si alloy composites were produced by squeeze casting. The interfacial microstructure and microchemistry...

Authors: Jin Zheng, Bo Chen, Chun Yang Ye

Abstract: The degradation of a steel dome due to strong earthquake may lead to a sudden loss of structural stiffness in a structure and cause a...

Authors: Hong Zhao, Zhi Wang, Guo Dong Shi

Abstract: The dense TiC-Fe coating was fabricated by combustion synthesis on surface of a plane iron, and the phase composition of the TiC-Fe coating...


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