Advances in Composites

Volumes 150-151

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Yin Wang, Guo Zhong Li

Abstract: In order to improve the mechanical performance of straw fiber reinforced gypsum composite materials, corn straw fiber was modified by...

Authors: Hui Yu Ma, Pei Xian Zhu, Sheng Gang Zhou, Jian Xu, Wen Fang Huang, Hong Mei Yang, Jia Xin Guo, Mao Jing Chen

Abstract: Pb-Sn-Al (PSA) laminated composite electrode materials were prepared by means of vacuum hot pressing (VHP), through introducing a medium Sn...

Authors: Guang Xian Zhang, Wei Hu, Shun Tian, Yan Peng, Xi Ping Zeng, Feng Xiu Zhang, Ling Xiao Jing, Xuan Ren Duan

Abstract: Although Polyester has outstanding wearability, it only has few reacting functional groups in its surface, so protein can not be grafted...

Authors: Hong Zhi Cui, Feng Xing

Abstract: Due to most of recycled aggregate (RA) possesses higher water absorption, therefore, the process of mixing recycled aggregate concrete (RAC)...

Authors: Fu Wei Lu, Ying Kong, Hong Ling Lv, Jun Ding, Jin Rong Yang

Abstract: Polyimide-block-polyethylene glycol (PI-b-PEG) copolymers were synthesized and membranes were prepared for sulfur removing from model...

Authors: Xue Hong Huang, Sheng Bo Ke, Fu Chuan Ding, Yue Zhao, Zhen Chen

Abstract: The hybrid SBS-g-(DMAEMA-SiO2)/SBS-g-(AA-StSO3Na-SiO2) bipolar membrane, SBS BPM was prepared by SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene triblock...

Authors: Yan Jun Chang, Ke Shi Zhang, Gui Qiong Jiao, Jian Yun Chen

Abstract: An anisotropic damage constitutive model is developed to describe the damage behavior of C/SiC composites. Different kinematic and isotropic...

Authors: Rui Ting Huo, Zhen Ya Gu, Kai Jie Zuo, Guang Ming Zhao

Abstract: The strength and the fouling resistance of PVDF membrane prepared by wet phase inversion process can be improved by an innovation in...

Authors: Qiong Hou, Xiang Hua Zeng, Hong Yu Zhen, Guo Long Li, Ting Guo, Xin Xu

Abstract: A serial of polyfluorene copolymers have been developed by covalently attaching thiophene units to the side chain of polyfluorene with an...

Authors: Jin Sheng Du, Dong Yang, P.L. Ng, Francis T.K. Au

Abstract: To assess the behavior of concrete beams partially prestressed with external unbonded carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) tendons, three...


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