New Materials and Advanced Materials

Volumes 152-153

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Peng Wang, Ke Ma, Xin He Zhu

Abstract: This paper applies the sol-gel method (Sol-Gel) ,uses Poly Vinyl pyrrolidone (PVP) as dispersant,oleic acid as modifier to prepare and...

Authors: Jie Bing Zhang, An Ning Zhou, Xiao Li Zhang

Abstract: The interation between aniline and shenfu-coal(SFC) was studied by the changes about acidic functional groups and the absence of coal...

Authors: Liang Huo, Yong Heng Zhou, Qing Mao Zhang, Song Hao Liu

Abstract: The development of adding optical functionality to a silicon microelectronic chip is still a great challenge in material research area....

Authors: Jie Jin, Shen Hao Wang

Abstract: Phenolic resin was used as the raw material, formed a mold for complex-shaped component by rapid-prototyping. It was composed of SiC, C and...

Authors: Xu Chang Li, Jian Jiao, Jun Yan Yao, Liang Wang

Abstract: By means of a tensile instrument and SEM, the mechanical property parameters of HTPB propellant test samples with different formulas were...

Authors: Wen Suo Ma, Bin Qian Yang, Xiao Zhong Ren

Abstract: 3D braided group theory is dissertated. The analysis procedure is described from the existing braided geometry structure to the braided...

Authors: Han Chen, Wen Qiang Gong, Jian Hua Liu, Bin Sun

Abstract: The electrochemical compatibility between natural graphite and garnet-like Li6BaLa2Ta2O12 or organic electrolytes was investigated. The...

Authors: Jin Long Liu, Jie Qun Liu, Lu Wang Chen

Abstract: Based on nonlinear finite element method, the character of expressway widened engineering reinforced with geotextile is studied. It is found...

Authors: Jian Min Ma, Yong Hong Liu, Hang Li, Shuai Shao

Abstract: Basing on the performances analysis of the expandable tube material, the paper introduces the FMA multiphase alloy steel, the new type of...

Authors: Feng Lan Li, Qian Zhu

Abstract: To improve the application of the new proto-machine-made sand in structural engineering, tests are carried out to study the drying shrinkage...


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