New Materials and Advanced Materials

Volumes 152-153

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Zhou, Xiao Xia Zhang

Abstract: A type of quasi-isotropic carbon/epoxy composites was prepared. In order to study the dynamic mechanical properties of composites, the...

Authors: Yong Mei Sun, Juan Hong Liu

Abstract: In this article, the effects of different content and compound ratio of low-grade fly ash and limestone powder on the strength, water...

Authors: Guo Qiang Xu, Lan Qiao, Juan Hong Liu, Xiao Lun Wang

Abstract: The combined admixture of limestone powder and substandard fly ash for the preparation of C40 machine-made sand concrete were studied. The...

Authors: Hai Liang Lv, Wen Ling Ma, Xiao Hua Yu, Jun Qi Liu
Authors: Cai Ping Liu, Qing Quan Duan, Ling Tao Mao

Abstract: Meso topography is used to examine the damage degree of lead-free Sn-Zn solder. Real-time meso topography is observed using scanning...

Authors: Xin Zhao, Xiao Ling Yang

Abstract: A new kind of die steel, WD1 used for warm work dies, was developed. The behavior of carbide dissolution and precipitation in WD1 steel...

Authors: Hong Wang, Jing Yang

Abstract: Nanometer barium-strontium titanate based coated aluminum oxide (ABST) was prepared by the sol–gel method and characterized by X-ray...

Authors: Shu Tang Liu, Wei Dong Cao, Ying Yong Li, Yong Shun Yang

Abstract: Comparing with conventional expressway embankment filled with clay only, the sand embankment tipped by intensely-weathered rock (IWR) can...

Authors: Xiao Hua Yang, Ding Zhang, Yong Zhang

Abstract: A 2D FE model of cracked aluminum plates repaired with adhesively bonded composite patches was established in this paper, and then the model...

Authors: Xiu Tao Ge, Jun Hai Wang, Ding Wang, Jia Qiang Xu

Abstract: The ZnO nanoparticles were synthesized by Nucleation-Crystallization Separation and co-precipitation. The structures and formed phase...


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