New Materials and Advanced Materials

Volumes 152-153

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Cai Juan Xia, Han Chen Liu, Chang Feng Fang

Abstract: By applying nonequilibrium Green’s function formalism combined first-principles density functional theory, we investigate the electronic...

Authors: Li Guang Zhu, Jian Chen, Ying Xu, Jing Jing Guo

Abstract: Calculation of steel solidification in H2 mould of FTSC with Two-dimensional thermal- mechanical coupled method, results show that steel in...

Authors: Yan Li, Yun Ling Zou, Jian Gang Li

Abstract: ZnO is an important functional semiconductor in application of photoelectric devices. ZnO nano-tubes and the CuO-doped ZnO have been...

Authors: Liang Yun Lan, Chun Lin Qiu, De Wen Zhao

Abstract: This paper discussed the variation of microstructure at different locations of heat affected zone (HAZ) of a high strength steel welded...

Authors: Yu Juan Cao, Zhao Feng Wu

Abstract: A novel route to prepare hydrophobic mesoporous SiO2 films is reported in this paper. A two step process involving tetraethyl orthosilicate...

Authors: Hong Wei Cheng, Xiong Gang Lu, Da Hai Hu, Wei Zhong Ding

Abstract: The catalytic reforming of toluene was performed to investigate the possibility for directly converting tar components from hot coke oven...

Authors: Li Lin, Feng Wang, Lin Yang, Li Jia Chen, Zheng Liu

Abstract: A novel precipitation sequence, super-saturated-solution → stacking faults → Mg3Gd, i.e. S.S.S. → SF → β1, was established for a Mg-3Zn-2Gd...

Authors: Xiu Ling Lv, Yu Bo Dou, Juan Wang, Ying Xu

Abstract: Al doped ZnO thin films(AZO films) was prepared by sol-gel method. The influence of Parameters of different processes on the crystallization...

Authors: Dong Tang, Yang Zhang, Rui Xue Duan, Hong Jun Ni

Abstract: Tubular cathode and plate anode were prepared by gel-casting process and coating process, which used mesocarbon microbead(MCMB) as raw...

Authors: Hui Liao, Wei Hua Chen, Fen Fen Wei, Juan Hou

Abstract: AlGaN/GaN superlattice are the important structure of optoelectronic devices such as light-emitting diodes and laser diodes. The...


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