New Materials and Advanced Materials

Volumes 152-153

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ai Hong Bi, Jin Hua Zhu

Abstract: In order to enhance the visible transmittance, a compact silica film was successfully coated on the surface of VO2 particles by the sol-gel...

Authors: Kai Xin Song, Zhi Hua Ying, Liang Zheng, Zheng Liu, Hui Bin Qin

Abstract: In this paper, the microwave dielectric properties in the systems of nominal chemical composition (Mg1-xCax)2SiO4 (0≤x≤0.5)ceramics were...

Authors: Bao Liang Liu, Long Hai Yan

Abstract: Thermal shock stability for ZrB2-SiCp-Graphite(ZSC) and ZrB2-SiCp-AlN (ZSA) was investigated by water quenching test. It indicated that ZSC...

Authors: Yan Zhang, Tao Zhang

Abstract: Numerical control technology is a core of an advanced manufacturing technology, it is the manufacturing industry that realizes the...

Authors: Ying Xu, Wang Juan, Yu Bo Dou

Abstract: Al-N codoped ZnO thin films were prepared by sol-gel method, which microstructure were characterized by AFM and XPS, on the basis of the...

Authors: Hong Wei Cheng, Xiong Gang Lu, Wei Zhong Ding

Abstract: The steam reforming of simulated coke oven gas (COG) with toluene as a model tar compound for syngas production was investigated over...

Authors: Hong Bo Liu, Ji Hu Wang, Shao Guo Wen, Chen Yu

Abstract: The styrene-acrylic emulsions were prepared by copolymerization of styrene, acrylic acid and n-butyl acrylate; coatings were achieved by...

Authors: Jian Guo Wang, Lin Wu, Jin Xia Zhou, Xiao Yan Qi, De Lian Yi

Abstract: A grey-white marble/UP composite material was prepared by using marble powder as the filler and Unsaturated polyester (UP) resin as the...

Authors: Xin Ying Lv, Rong Guo Wang, Wen Bo Liu, Long Jiang

Abstract: Bis-maleimide (BMI) resins are widely applied in carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites in aerospace fields, for their excellent thermal...

Authors: Li Guang Zhu, Hua Gao, Ying Xu, Ling Wang, Xin Sheng Liu

Abstract: Steel including sulfide inclusion was used as cathode, while high density graphite rod was used as anode. Sulfide inclusion in steel surface...


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