Materials Processing Technologies

Volumes 154-155

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xian Fang Wang, Yin Chun Hu, Ya Ping Li, Qiong Zhou

Abstract: Montmorillonite was introduced into the multicomponent epoxy resin by using the intercalation polymerization. Intercalation effect of...

Authors: Jie Liu

Abstract: For producing more colorful soybean /flax blended yarns and fabrics and to evaluate the dye-ability of the blends yarn, two types of...

Authors: Jia Shun Lv, Feng Li, Hong Gang Yang, Yong Lin Kang

Abstract: In this article, the effects of galvanizing process parameters, especially cooling rate, on the microstructures of coating was investigated....

Authors: Mei Yang, Wei Xing Zhang, Qing Shen Zeng

Abstract: Analytical models are presented for investigation of cure dependent stiffness of woven fiber composites. A linear-like correlation is...

Authors: Zhi Qian Xu, Xiang Zhen Yan, Xiu Juan Yang

Abstract: In this paper, the calculation formulas of the asperity’s deformation related with the surface contact pressure are deduced by using the...

Authors: Xue Tao Yuan, Dong Bai Sun, Zhi Qiang Hua, Lei Wang

Abstract: The growth morphology and structure of deposits during the initial stages of amorphous Ni-P electrodeposition was studied using atomic force...

Authors: Tian Han Xu, Mai Qun Zhao, Dang Hui Wang

Abstract: The microstructures and properties of Sn3Ag2.8Cu and Sn3Ag2.8Cu-0.1Ce solder alloys were investigated by means of OM, SEM and EDX and...

Authors: Hua Ping Xu, Yong Ming Bian, Xie Min Mao

Abstract: Directional solidification continuous casting (DSCC) processing is steady directional growth process of Cu crystal. It was influenced by...

Authors: Ming Yang Zhao, Yuan Yuan Zou, Dong Chen

Abstract: Weld quality control is of great importance in tailored blank laser welding for the purpose of making products at a high quality and high...

Authors: Zhi Yuan Wu, Shu Hui Wang, Xin Li Tian, Shu Zhang

Abstract: A series of experiment were performed to test the tribological properties of Si3N4 ceramic pair lubricated by emulsions of alkane. The...


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