Materials Processing Technologies

Volumes 154-155

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Dong Zhao, Jie Yang, Shao Hua Xing

Abstract: In this paper, numerical simulation technique was used to simulate the potential distribution when the X70 steel was influenced by stray...

Authors: Yi Kun Luan, Nan Nan Song, Yun Long Bai, Xiu Hong Kang, Dian Zhong Li

Abstract: A novel segregative carbide was discovered during the manufacture of high speed steel roll. The carbide with rectangular shape is a type of...

Authors: Li Xu, Geng Huang He, Zhao Hui Cai, Dong Kai Jia, Zhen Bo Wang

Abstract: As the heart of the aircraft, aircraft engine is the decisive factors of aircraft performance. The turbofan engine technology is in the...

Authors: Dong Zhao, Zeng Hai Xu, Qiang Wang, Dong Mei Cai

Abstract: The guiding forces will affect the stability of the ring rolling process and the quality of the product directly. In this paper, the guiding...

Authors: Rui Hai Ji, Ke Wei Lin, Cun Xia Li, Xin Liu

Abstract: The vacuum degree characteristics of venturi tube mixer are researched, and the factors affect the mixer vacuum degree and air-fuel ratio...

Authors: De Li Liu, Li Guo Chen, Chao Shao, Li Ning Sun

Abstract: In this paper a Lab-On-Chip device using negative dielectrophoresis has been proposed for the focusing of particles at the center of the...

Authors: Xiang Hua Kong, Hui Yang, Ya Xuan Liu, Wan Heng Lu, Jing Guo, Shan Shan Liu

Abstract: In order to develop an environmental friendly passive films on galvanized steel sheet, a chromium-free passive solution based on waterborne...

Authors: Ming Yan, Le Tang, Peng Zheng, Ming Yuan Zhang

Abstract: Vibration characteristic of direct drive A/C bi-rotary milling head is been analyzed by finite element method (FEM), former four order...

Authors: Zu Wei Lin, Fang Quan Chen, Guo Wei Liang

Abstract: According to the actual situation of special resistance welding capp of nuclear power zirconium tubes, using nonlinear finite element...

Authors: Xue Feng Bi, Jin Sheng Wang, Jia Shun Shi, Ya Dong Gong

Abstract: Micromold manufacturing technology is very important for the mass production of micro parts. In this paper, modeling of micromold is...


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