Materials Processing Technologies

Volumes 154-155

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhao Jun Yang, Yan Kun Wang, Li Nan Li, Xue Cheng Zhang

Abstract: Generating line method for designing and manufacturing spiral bevel gears is proposed in this paper. The tooth surface of spiral bevel gears...

Authors: Jia Ying Zhang, Bin Shi Xu

Abstract: Being the heat source of arc spray, the characteristics of arc are of importance for properties of coatings. In this paper, the arc shape in...

Authors: Zhao Jun Yang, Li Nan Li, Yan Kun Wang, Xue Cheng Zhang

Abstract: Generating line method, which is based on the generating process of spherical involute curve, is a new processing theory of cutting ideal...

Authors: Yun Bo Shi, Rui Rong Wang, Kang Du, Jun Liu

Abstract: In this paper, the structure design and operating principle is introduced to micromachined gyroscope with electrostatic drive and...

Authors: Zhen Zhen Weng, Zhi Gao Huang, Wen Xiong Lin

Abstract: The interatomic exchange interactions and the electronic structure of Co-doped ZnO with and without oxygen vacancy have been investigated by...

Authors: Wei Xia, Sheng Hua Zhang, Xiao Ping Liao, Xue Lian Yan

Abstract: Based on Gaussian process (GP), a new parameters’ correlation analysis method for injection molding is proposed. Referred to the design idea...

Authors: Jun Peng Shao, Jian Ying Li, Zhong Wen Wang, Gui Hua Han

Abstract: The mathematic model of the flow press sever-valve was built in this paper, during the process of building the model, the author took into...

Authors: Dong Sheng Ji, Xin Yun Wang, Lei Deng, Ju Chen Xia

Abstract: The closed hot precision forging process of a bevel gear with large cone angle was studied. According to the structure features of the bevel...

Authors: Dong Jiang Wu, Qian Li, Xiao Kang Liang, Yun Xiao Chen

Abstract: Ti-6Al-4V laser cladding layers were performed on the Ti substrate respectively based on four different laser scanning ways by laser...

Authors: Zhan Guang Han, Ke Liu, Jia Quan Zhang

Abstract: Deformation of round castings due to thermal and/or mechanical strain may lead to the occurrence of their ovality defects during continuous...


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