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Authors: Guo Qi Liu, Hong Xia Li, Fan Qian, Wen Gang Yang, Jian Bin Yu, Tian Fei Ma
Abstract:Submerged Entry nozzle is one of the key functional refractories for continuous casting and the safe and efficiency of the continuous casting...
Authors: Ning Zhao, Qing Jian Jia
Abstract:A kinematic analysis is apply to gear trains of the main reducer of helicopter , and established the mathematical model of the system...
Authors: Yong Ping Pu, Ning Xu, Xiao Long Chen
Abstract:Quantitative analysis of tetragonal phase in barium titanate powders and fundament of standard curve was discussed from the result of X-ray...
Authors: Yong Ping Pu, Yong Yong Zhuang, Kai Chen, Ning Xu
Abstract:Pure MnNb2O6 powders was successfully prepared by hydrothermal method using Nb2O5•nH2O and Mn(NO3)2 as precursors and HCl, HF, NaOH, NH4OH...
Authors: Gen Bao Li
Abstract:To use dimethyl ether as fuel for compression ignition engine to partially replace fossil oil, this study developed a city bus operating on...
Authors: Sha Li, Lan Jin, Shu Sen Liu
Abstract:Effect of a furniture interior air purifying device on reducing concentrations of formaldehyde in air
Authors: Da Hai Hu, Xiong Gang Lu, Hong Wei Cheng, Wei Zhong Ding
Abstract:The performance of Ni/SiO2 Catalysts modified by La2O3, ZrO2 and CeO2 were tested in a BaCo0.7Fe0.2Nb0.1O3-δ (BCFNO) membrane reactor by...
Authors: Fu Qiang Zhao, Tie Wang, Hong Mei Li, Xiao Fen Li, Jun Shen
Abstract:In view of the characteristics of the low-noise and high-strength of auto gears, this paper proposes a new method of optimization of...
Authors: Yu Liu, Dong Liang Lu, Yu Yan Hu, Tao Lin, Yan Hui Sun, Hong Yu Chen, Qian Shu Li
Abstract:A low-cost process for removing boron from metallurgical grade silicon was developed by Si-Al alloying, and the separation procedure of...
Authors: Wei Guo Li, Gao Sheng Ye, Shi Kun Wang
Abstract:Extruded insulation is a major kind of insulation used in power cable. It is significant to evaluate extruded insulation lifetime suffered...
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