Advanced Manufacturing Technology, ICAMMP 2010

Volumes 156-157

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guang Yao Meng, Ji Wen Tan, Yi Cui

Abstract: Relative motion between grinding wheel and workpiece makes the lubricant film pressure formed by grinding fluid in the grinding area...

Authors: Li Bao An

Abstract: In this paper, the parameter optimization problem for multi-pass turning operations is studied. A mathematical model based on the minimum...

Authors: Ping Jiang, Bo Guo, Kun Lun Zhang

Abstract: As performance of processes in a manufacturing system determines the quality of product, the factors that have effects on the processes need...

Authors: Yong Qi Liu, Xiao Yan Wang, Guang Fei Zhu, Rui Xiang Liu, Zhen Qiang Gao

Abstract: Blast-furnace gas produced from the process of iron making effectively can be used as fuel for engines to generate electricity for most...

Authors: Qing Hua Cao

Abstract: The theoretic formula for the optimal radius of elastic-plastic junction in auto-frettage thick-wall columnar pressure vessel was deduced....

Authors: Yong Feng Li, Yu Li, Lin Yu, Qian Yu, Ji Fei Pan

Abstract: The palladium based combustion catalysts on FeCrAl alloy substrate (Pd/FeCrAl) were prepared by electroless plating method. By means of...

Authors: Qing Yan Ding, Xi Fu Wang, Xiu Yuan Zhang, Zhan Quan Sun

Abstract: The paper proposes a space–time autoregressive integrated moving average (STARIMA) model to predict the traffic volume in urban areas. The...

Authors: Yong Qi Liu, Xiang Chun Chen, Rui Xiang Liu

Abstract: Honeycomb ceramics is the key component of the thermal flow-reversal reactor, which is for oxidation of coal mine ventilation air methane....

Authors: Yong Ping Pu, Hai Dong Wu, Kai Chen

Abstract: In this study, pure and crystalline BaZrO3 powders are prepared by hydrothermal synthesis using of precursor of barium chloride and...

Authors: Ying Hu, Qing Xue Huang, Xiao Hong Hao, Shao Zhen Jin

Abstract: To improve the quality of the steel plate, The No.2 Roll Mill of Wuyang Iron and Steel Company has adopted the hydraulic reversible 11 rolls...


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