Biohydrometallurgy: From the Single Cell to the Environment

Volumes 20-21

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Hui Xie, Sheng Mu Xiao, Zhi Guo He, Jian She Liu, Guan Zhou Qiu
Authors: Mark Dopson, Daniel Kupka, Anna Kaisa Halinen, Nelli Rahunen, Bestamin Özkaya, Erkan Sahinkaya, Olena I. Rzhepishevska, Anna H. Kaksonen, Olia V. Karnachuk, Olli H. Tuovinen, Jaakko A. Puhakka
Authors: Anna Kaisa Halinen, Nelli Rahunen, Kirsi Määttä, Anna H. Kaksonen, Marja Riekkola-Vanhanen, Jaakko A. Puhakka
Authors: Renata Matlakowska, Kevin B. Hallberg, Aleksandra Sklodowska
Authors: Kristin Gumnior, Nils Hoth, Michael Schlömann, Jana Seifert

Abstract: Open pit mining characterizes the area of Lusatia (Germany), which corresponds to dramatic changes of the natural ecosystem. Landscapes...

Authors: Sabrina Hedrich, Elke Heinzel, Jana Seifert, Kevin B. Hallberg, D. Barrie Johnson, Michael Schlömann

Abstract: In the Lusatia area a pilot plant for the treatment of acidic mine waters by microbial iron oxidation and a concomitant iron hydroxysulfate...

Authors: Thore Rohwerder, Claudia Janosch, Wolfgang Sand

Abstract: The alpha-proteobacterial genus Acidiphilium consists of several acidophilic species, generally known as a part of the mesophilc microbial...

Authors: Daniel Kupka, Mark Dopson, Olli H. Tuovinen

Abstract: The purpose of this work was to characterize elemental sulfur oxidation by a psychrotrophic Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans culture that...

Authors: Alex Gonzalez, María José Gallardo, Marine Frezza, Laurent Soulère, Yves Queneau, Alain Doutheau, Carlos A. Jerez, Nicolas Guiliani

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