Biohydrometallurgy: From the Single Cell to the Environment

Volumes 20-21

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian She Liu, Yan Fei Zhang, Mei Mei Geng, Jia Zeng, Guan Zhou Qiu

Abstract: The highly conserved operon iron–sulfur cluster (iscSUA) is essential for the general biogenesis and transfer of iron–sulfur proteins in...

Authors: Oluwaseun O. Oyekola, Robert P. van Hille, Susan T.L. Harrison

Abstract: This study investigated the effect of sulphate concentration and residence time on the performance of anaerobic sulphate reduction by a...

Authors: Pablo S. Pina, V.A. Leão, C.A. Silva, S.N. Medrício, J. Frenay
Authors: Jeannette Marrero, Georg Auling, Orquidea Coto, Dietrich Nies

Abstract: A collection of highly nickel and cobalt-resistant enterobacteria were isolated from the Punta Gorda serpentine deposit (Moa, Cuba). The...

Authors: Elke Heinzel, Sabrina Hedrich, Jana Seifert, Michael Schlömann

Abstract: The microbial community of a pilot plant for the production of iron hydroxysulfates by biological oxidation of ferrous iron was studied...

Authors: Raquel Quatrini, Verónica Martínez, Hector Osorio, Felipe A. Veloso, Inti Pedroso, Jorge H. Valdés, Eugenia Jedlicki, David S. Holmes

Abstract: An understanding of the physiology and metabolic complexity of microbial consortia involved in metal solubilization is a prerequisite for...

Authors: Amir Shmaryahu, David S. Holmes

Abstract: Small regulatory RNAs (srRNAs) control gene expression in Bacteria, usually at the posttranscriptional level, by acting as antisense RNAs...

Authors: Francisco Remonsellez, F. Galleguillos, Sonestie Janse van Rensburg, G.F. Rautenbach, Pedro A. Galleguillos, Danny Castillo, Cecilia Demergasso

Abstract: Microbial heap bioleaching is being used as an industrial process to recover copper from low grade ores. It is known that a consortium of...

Authors: V. Zepeda, F. Galleguillos, Danny Castillo, Manuel Lastra, Cecilia Demergasso

Abstract: The majority of mining companies in the north of Chile that use biohydrometallurgical processes to leach low-grade copper sulphide ore are...

Authors: L.R. Rampinelli, R.D. Azevedo, R. Guerra-Sá, Monica Teixeira, V.A. Leão

Abstract: Acid mine drainage (AMD) waters are highly acidic (pH < 4), contain high concentrations of sulfate and dissolved metals, and are very toxic...


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