Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chao Long Wang, Wei Yi Sun, Le Luo, Shi Jun Su

Abstract: Method of using high-sulfur coal and Low-grade pyrolusite to produce manganese is a new process. This article takes advantages of AHP and...

Authors: Wei Zhi Wang, Chun Guang Yang, Jin Rui Zhang

Abstract: The objective of this work was to study the sodium alkali(Na2S03) FGD process in a pilot-scale column packed column of diameter 0.4m. Main...

Authors: San Shan Hung, Hsing Cheng Chang, Chan Ming Liang

Abstract: To optimize thermal dissipation efficiency for cooling high power LED modules is studied and analyzed using ANSYS CFX software and Taguchi...

Authors: Xing Han, Xu Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, a scheme of hybrid desiccant dehumidification system was proposed. This system can recovery the condensing heat from the...

Authors: Long Wang, Yan Li, Qin Qin Zhang, Guang Lei Xue

Abstract: Coagulation-sedimentation test at different inflatable combinations, and using microscope to observe the morphological characteristics of...

Authors: Xing Han, Xu Zhang

Abstract: Based on the system model of hybrid desiccant cooling system using condensing heat as the regeneration source, the solution is given to...

Authors: Xin Yang, Jian Mei Feng, Yun Feng Chang, Xue Yuan Peng

Abstract: Experimental study of the separation efficiency of oil-gas cyclone separator for oil-injection compressor system was conducted with the aim...

Authors: Hong Wei Qian, Xiang Ju Yin

Abstract: Process industries strategic environmental assessment (PISEA) involves some industry, is an extremely complicated system, it is difficult or...

Authors: Yuan Ben Miao, Li Xin Guo, An Qi Wang

Abstract: In this paper, electromagnetic (EM) scattering from a 3-D PEC target is simulated. The method of moments (MOM) with the pulse basis function...


Abstract: Removed due to authors request.


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