Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Jie Zhou, Hui Wang, Ding Biao Wang, Kang Zhang

Abstract: Heat transfer and fluid flow on the air side for heat exchanger in the air conditioning system are numerically simulated by FLUENT...

Authors: Qing Cao, Yang Li, Hao Zhang

Abstract: Wind turbine towers are belonging to towering cylinder shell structures, which are easy to appear buckling instability under wind or other...

Authors: Jian Guang Li, Li Ping Tong, Li Hui Tian

Abstract: Based on the existing quality problems of external wall insulation system, a new external wall insulation system was developed through the...

Authors: Bo Liu, Jing Zhuo Shi, Xun Liu

Abstract: To achieve the operational efficiency maximization of ultrasonic motor system, this paper analyzes optimum control of the ultrasonic motor...

Authors: Zhi Hai Tan, Ya Qun He, Yi Bo Lv, De Qiang Peng, Ren Chao Wu, Guo Ping Zhou, Wei Ning Xie

Abstract: A laboratory water medium fluidized separator (WMFS), which is 0.06 m in diameter and 1.5 m high, was designed based on fluidization...

Authors: Yu Wei Zhou, Sheng Hua Dai

Abstract: This paper presents a new intelligent control method which can lower the energy consumption and the pollution risk of electric bicycles....

Authors: Ding Biao Wang, Zhen Xiang Liang, Jun Jie Zhou, Hong Bin Wang

Abstract: Based on the method of CFD, a study on the structure parameters that affect the performance of chevron-type corrugated plate were carried...

Authors: Yan Li, Wen Bin Zhang

Abstract: Based on the theory analysis of electromagnetic shielding mechanism and structure design, a woven fabric with stainless steel core-spun...

Authors: Zhong De Guo, Shu Fang Zhang

Abstract: Pure heat conversion coefficient, which is one important parameter for the advance boiling water reactor nuclear power unit, is defined, and...

Authors: Zai Gen Mu, Xiang Jie Li, Ju Bing Zhang

Abstract: Loading rate has an effect on the low-cycle fatigue of the stud shear connector. A reasonable test have been used for the study, the results...


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