Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ze Gao Yin, Xian Wei Cao, Dong Sheng Cheng, Le Wang

Abstract: In Fluent, the 3-D RNG k–ε mathematical model is employed to compute water and air mixture pipe flow. The dissolved oxygen...

Authors: Jun Xiao Feng, Qi Bo Cheng, Si Jing Yu

Abstract: Based on the analysis of structural characteristic superiority, the process of combustion, flue gas flow and heat transfer in the upright...

Authors: Xian He Du, Xin Pu Shen, Sheng Ji Jin

Abstract: Aim of this paper is to present a numerical method for modeling of the so-called “equivalent box section fiber beam concrete element”. By...

Authors: Guang Cai Sun, Wen Li Wei, Y.L. Liu, Gui Wen Rong

Abstract: A mathematical model for predicting turbulence flows with effects of streamline curvature under orthogonal curvilinear coordinates is...

Authors: Ho Kok Hoe, Kanesan Muthusamy, Harikrishnan Kanthen

Abstract: The paper aims to develop an intelligent modeling system using Microsoft Excel spreadsheet interface through mathematical language,...

Authors: Pragya Shandilya, P.K. Jain, N.K. Jain

Abstract: Wire electric discharge machining (WEDM) process is considered to be one of the most suitable processes for machining metal matrix composite...

Authors: P.K. Parida, Bibhuti Bhusan Biswal, M. R. Khan

Abstract: Precise and secure handling of flexible or irregularly shaped objects by robotic hands has become a challenge. Robot hands used in medical...

Authors: Abhay M Khalatkar, V.K. Gupta, Rakesh Kumar Haldkar

Abstract: In this study a Finite Element Analysis for cantilever plate structure excited by proof mass is presented. To investigate the influence of...

Authors: Abolfazl Golshan, Soheil Gohari, Ayob Amran

Abstract: In this study, the appropriate input parameters for achieving minimum surface roughness and high material removal rate are selected for wire...

Authors: Ahmad Kadri Junoh, Z. M. Nopiah, W. Z. W. Muhamad, M. J. M. Nor, M. H. Fouladi

Abstract: Car cabin acoustical comfort is one of the factors which attract the buyer prospective buyer on purchasing a new vehicle. Basically the...


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