Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Alireza Fallahi Arezoodar, Hossein Ebrahimi Haratmeh, Mohmoud Farzin

Abstract: A numerical simulation of high-speed forming of tubes on the die in electromagnetic forming (EMF) system is presented to study effects of...

Authors: S. Pedrammehr, Hamid Farrokhi, A. Khani Sheykh Rajab, S. Pakzad, M. Mahboubkhah, M.M. Ettefagh, M.H. Sadeghi

Abstract: Machine tool vibrations have great impact on machining process. In this paper the dynamic behavior and modal parameters of milling machine...

Authors: Mahdi Maarefdoust

Abstract: Extrusion is one of the youngest processes in metal forming. In this proceeding the influence of the form and the angle of the die in the...

Authors: A. Moarrefzadeh, M.R.Isvand Zibaei

Abstract: In this paper, the plasma arc welding is studied and stainless steel temperature field is gained in this process. The available heat source...

Authors: Zhou Yang Li, Xi Tian Tian, Jun Hao Geng

Abstract: 3D information exchanging and sharing are difficult between CAD, CAPP and CNC systems. To solve this problem, under the support of the...

Authors: Wan Masrurah Bt Hairudin, Mokhtar B. Awang

Abstract: In this paper, thermo mechanical modelling of cutting process has been developed using a commercially available finite element analysis...

Authors: Suthep Butdee

Abstract: Aluminum extrusion die design involves with two critical parts; die features and its parameters. Presently, die design process is performed...

Authors: Ali Sayyah, Mehrdad Nikbakht, Moones Sayyah, Baharudin Btht, N. Ismail

Abstract: Contaminant materials in lubricants are signs for prediction and measurement of wear in engines. Therefore oil monitoring is considered as...

Authors: Jun Zhang, Yuan Li, Hui Cheng, Kai Fu Zhang

Abstract: Most of the fatigue damage in aircraft structures can be linked to the stress concentration arising at the rivet joints. Interference-fit...

Authors: Ru Sheng Lu, Bin Yao, Fei Li, Bo Shi Yao

Abstract: In order to describe the forming grinding principle of screw rotor, the mathematical model of screw rotor’s helical groove and forming...


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