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Authors: Xue Jiang, Ji Hua Bao, Jin Liang Li, Ni Ni Hao
Abstract: Hydro-viscous variable speed clutch has been widely used in starting and speed regulation of large load. In order to change the friction disc gap and the oil film thickness, converter was adopted in this paper to drive the pump to adjust the controlling oil pressure. The performance of pressure regulating of the controlling oil was analyzed and the characteristic curve of frequency-oil pressure could be acquired. The research showed that the controlling oil pressure can be changed by adjusting the frequency of converter. Besides, the slope coefficient and starting frequency of performance curve will be influenced by the leakage of hydro-viscous variable speed clutch and pump, the resistance of oil filter and the throttle valve opening degree.
Authors: Shan Qing Li, Hong Yuan
Abstract: The R-function theory is applied to describe the dodecagon domain of shallow spherical shells on Winkler foundation, and it is also used to construct a quasi-Green’s function. The quasi-Green’s function satisfies the homogeneous boundary condition of the problem. Then the differential equation of the problem is reduced to two simultaneous Fredholm integral equations of the second kind by the Green’s formula. The singularity of the kernel of the integral equation is overcome by choosing a suitable form of the normalized boundary equation. A comparison with the ANSYS finite element solution shows a good agreement, and it demonstrates the feasibility and efficiency of the present method.
Authors: Xiao Dong Nie, Yu Jun Yang
Abstract: In this paper, in order to optimize the move sequence of material transporting robot in molds assembly, a mathematic model is established, genetic algorithm is used to search, and computational experiments are proposed. At last, it can find that the recommend genetic algorithm has better effective.
Authors: Ying Tian, Yang Zhang, Jian Qi Wang
Abstract: Ultra-wide band (UWB) radar has received an increasingly concern for its unique ability in medical application. Much effort has been made to explore the feasibility of UWB radar to serve as a medical instrument. However, previous work hardly considered the issue of using UWB radar as a sensor node in wireless sensor networks (WSN). To implement the integration of life detection sensor and WSN, we designed the interface circuit to connect our UWB sensor with the ZigBee module and defined the interface communication protocol. The results showed that the UWB sensor node can communicate with the other nodes in WSN. The integration is of great significance in that, at earthquake-stricken area, we can use the system to quickly establish the WSN and carry out the rescue without depending on the surrounding environment.
Authors: Mohd Faizal, Md Seri Suzairin, Mohd Al-Hafiz, Vijay Raj Raghavan
Abstract: This paper presents computational fluid dynamics (CFD) studies to characterize air velocity distribution for various bed configurations in a swirling fluidized bed (SFB). Unlike conventional fluidized beds, a SFB provides radial mixing which is desirable is fluidization. Three velocities components were observed, the tangential velocity, radial velocity and axial velocity. These velocities were created as a result of using annular blade type distributor which mimics the turbine blades. In actual industrial applications, the axial velocity will create fluidization while the tangential velocity provides swirling effect. The presence of radial velocity can be explained as a consequence of centrifugal force generated by the swirling gas. Understanding these velocity distributions will enable optimization of the annular blade distributor design towards a high efficient fluidized bed system.
Authors: Jing Li, Shi Ming Qin
Abstract: There is a working procedure that adding various Lucai, brine, edible oil and etc in southern Rice Noodles cooked. In order to raise the production efficiency and economize the production cost, the paper introduces the design and realization of automatic feed proportioning system in detail. It gives machine design scheme of feed proportioning device, designs idiographic metage circuit. The whole feed proportioning process has controlled by Mitsubishi PLC, expounding controlling process. The system can put various special Lucai, brine, edible oil into bowl accurately after prototyping and debugging. Automatic feed proportioning system is designed to improve productivity and save labor. It has a certain practical significance and promotion value.
Authors: Yu Hong Wang, Yan Xia Tang, Jia Jun Liu
Abstract: [Purpose] This paper explores the problems in online courses. It gives suggestions which are self-adaptive courses generation, network concepts, content, learning content and composition of the learning process requirements. [Method] These methods are used, which are theoretical research, systems analysis, functional development and design, environmental testing, experimental control and other methods etc. [Results] The existing online courses follow the traditional mode of teaching and the learning content can not differ from person to person. The course content and network resources can separate from each other, limiting the learner's learning behavior and effects, limiting the learner's effective use of network resources. Therefore, the network self-adaptive courses are the online courses which can meet the requirement of learners who have different cognitive and learning styles. If a learner can learn according to their existing cognitive structures and learning experience, his/her learning effect and probability of success is significantly larger than the external imposition of learning. [Conclusions] Adaptive network is a kind of new course format which is Internet-based content dissemination activities, according to different learners at different levels of cognitive structures generated for different learners to learn the content, to maximize the use of a variety of learning tools to support different learning styles and different learning behavior.
Authors: Bin Liu
Abstract: Sports biomechanics is able to identify the variables that aim to define some or all aspects of a performance and then provide useful information for teachers or coaches to improve players' performance. The purpose of the study was to identify the crucial variables that contribute to a successful volleyball spike jump performance by using biomechanical analysis, in order to help teachers improve the jump performance of their students, these investigations allow teachers to observe student performance more systematically and also help them provide the right information at the right time and in an easily understood format.
Authors: Yue Zhou, Shuai Liu, Shi Tang
Abstract: The design of wireless sensor network for structural health monitoring systems requires high sampling rate, real-time communication, low-energy consumption, particularly in large-scale networks. However, some commonly available architecture and protocols are not fully suitable for this special application. In this paper, the requirements of wireless sensor network for structural health monitoring application is studied and a two-tiered architecture network where is an IEEE 802.11 wireless local area network on top of an IEEE 802.15.4 structure area network is proposed as a solution. OPNET Modeler is applied to analyze the performance of the network, and the simulation results show that the two-tiered architecture network provides more reliable services with reduced end-to-end delays and lower energy consumption in the underlying sensor network.

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