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Authors: Chin Chung Wei, Jeng Haur Horng, Jen Fin Lin
Abstract: High speed ball-screw system has serious friction heat to form thermal expansion to each component. An analyzing model considering with contact deformation and thermal expansion is established in realizing positioning error for a high speed ball-screw system. A finite element model of nut is also built in calculating elongation of nut. Surface strain of nut is measured by strain gages in order to confirm with data obtained from finite element model. Temperature of nut and screw were also measured by thermal couples and are used in calculation of elongation by the use of linear elongation equation. The tendency of positioning error is well estimated by the analyzing model. The model can be used in feedback positioning control factor and develop precision high speed ball-screw system.
Authors: Jin Wei Jia, Jian Feng Yu, Jie Zhang
Abstract: Collision detection is widely used in human motion simulation, however, it is difficult to work in large equipment model. To overcome the problem, this paper studies a collision detection method especially for virtual arm simulation. First, the method simplifies arm and obstacles in its reaching space with the C-space theory, and divides the space into small unit cells to form a distance fields, then extends the surfaces of obstacles to calculate the distances between each cell and its nearest obstacles, so the result of collision detection is depending on the distance fields’ value. Use CAA to redevelop DELMIA and apply it to the virtual assembly simulation of a certain type of aircraft center wing, compared with triangle intersection algorithm and mixed bounding box method, the result shows that the proposed method improves the efficiency of anthropology ergonomics simulation by more than 20% in the same condition.
Authors: Chao Yuan Cheng, Xiao Qing Wei
Abstract: Savonius rotor is a typical style of vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT). A new innovative design of two Savonius rotors coaxially in the opposite direction is presented in the paper which is different from the traditional design. The traditional generator has only a pair of stator and rotor and matched with trational Savonius rotor. Enlarging the relative speed between the magnetic pole and the coil pole by making the two pole rotate in the opposite direction in the innovative Savonius wind turbine. In this way, it can enhance the power generation efficiency of the Savonius wind turbine. The fluid-solid coupling analysis for the Savonius wind turbine is used to calculate the power characteristics and efficiency of the wind turbine.
Authors: Juan Han, Fa Ping Zhang, Bo Gao, Jing Zhang, Yun He
Abstract: It is a common phenomenon that 3D model and 2D engineering drawings are widely used together in modern manufacturing scenario. Therefore it makes a lot of extra tasks to do for both of them which lead to such results as high time consuming, labor intensive during the process. The Model-based Definition (MBD) approach is definitely an effective method to solve above problems. To facility the usage of the MBD Technology, this paper introduces two kinds of MBD model (design-MBD, process-MBD), and describes their contents as well. The paper also focuses on constructing the dMBD model and pMBD model from two aspects: information organization and annotation standard so that these models can guide production more effective.
Authors: Ping Tang, Chun Hua Pan
Abstract: Using the mechanical design of the software Solid works to established the 280 t LF the ladle furnace transportation car frame three dimensional model, and by using the finite element analysis of software Cosmos/works to static analysis for the frames, revealing that the frame of structure stress and strain distribution map of the frame, and also reveals that dangerous points and dangerous sections. Using resistance strain gauge to measure 280 t ladle transportation car frame, it is concluded that the frame of stress and strain distributions. Through the electrical measurement test the results were compared with finite element analysis results, further proof that the finite element analysis of the accuracy of the results provides theory basis for the optimization design of the frames.
Authors: Jun Xie, Li Jun Shan
Abstract: Flow field in the filter is simulated by using Computational Fluid Dynamics. At the same time, pressure and velocity field distribution in the filter are analyzed. The maximum differential pressure and filtration velocity of filter column are all decreasing with column height increasing which means that there are stagnant water zones on the top of filter column. This phenomenon not only has an effect on filtration efficiency, but also can lead cavitation erosion. So the structure of filer must be improved. The change of pressure and velocity on two sides of filtering material are caused by flow resistance of material with many holes. All theses analysis results of velocity and pressure field can be the basic theory for the design of high efficiency filter.
Authors: Huai Xing Wen, Yong Tao Yang
Abstract: Drawing Dies meter A / D acquisition module will be collected from the mold hole contour data to draw a curve in Matlab. According to the mold pore structure characteristics of the curve, the initial cut-off point of each part of contour is determined and iteratived optimization to find the best cut-off point, use the least squares method for fitting piecewise linear and fitting optimization to find the function of the various parts of the curve function, finally calculate the pass parameters of drawing mode. Parameters obtained compare with the standard mold, both of errors are relatively small that prove the correctness of the algorithm. Also a complete algorithm flow of pass parameters is designed, it can fast and accurately measure the wire drawing die hole parameters.
Authors: Yan Qun Ou, Li Zhou, Yu Ping Fang
Abstract: Customer relationship management (CRM) is an integral part in the manufacturing enterprise information. The content of CRM is based on customer information and business transaction data, and using computer information technology to deeply analysis massive data of data warehouse. The purpose is to identify customers’ different features and analyze customer behaviors, then dig out the information of commercial value to help business planning and decision-making related business activities. The thesis introduces the system of the CRM based on Data Warehouse: to describe and predict the model of enterprise customers’ behavior by data warehouse and data mining theory and technology. The purpose is to optimize the entire CRM process, and effectively realize customer relationship management ultimately. Research and analysis of data warehouse in CRM to achieve other functions such as customer behavior analysis, key customers found and market performance evaluation. It can further analyze amounts of customer information in data warehouse, acquire efficient information about how to enhance the advantages of market competition, make the concept and goal of CRM can be achieved and satisfy the demand and challenge in modern e-commerce times. It can help enterprises increase market decision-making ability, gain competitive advantages and perfect business plan.
Authors: Qing Hua Yao, Miao Cao
Abstract: The paper introduces a system. It can not only acquire and process heart sounds and electrocardiogram(ECG) of the human body timely but also store and display. It is composed of superior microprocessor--Atmega64,large capacity flash and the new type LCD. All hardwares adopt low power design and surface mounting package. The advantage of the system is compact and high intelligence. The system software applies mold construction and programs in C language. A model for automatic arithmetic is established for the feature extraction of ECG, realtime cardiotach ambulatory analysis is realized. The system is capable of recording ECG and heart sounds information in succession for 48 hours and it stores the no compression data synchronously. More than ten types of familiar heart diseases can be diagnosed in time by it automatically. The testing data achieved from this system is dependable, the diagnosing result is accurate and the waveform is no distortion. The system do not affect the daily living and working when it is used, so it is suited for clinical and family monitoring.
Authors: Jian Jun Chi, Xiao Ming Luo, Xue Mei Han, Bian Wen Wang
Abstract: For research the radar network operation capability which are effected by complex electromagnetic environment, the paper modeling the radar operation capability cloud rules arithmetic in complex electromagnetic environment and radar network operation capability evaluation model. The operation capability of radar network, which are constituted by 3 radars in complex electromagnetic environment, is simulated & evaluated by Netlogo 3D. The result show that the operation capability of radar is impacted remarkably by complex electromagnetic environment, it could improve the operation capability availably by take the network mode.

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