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Authors: Gong Ding Bai, Jiang Tao Gai, Tian Ma
Abstract: Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) has the advantages such as high power density, simple structure and easy to maintain in the field of hybrid vehicle drive, and has been widely used in many areas. PMSM control methods include Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (SVPWM), Direct Torque Control (DTC) and Maximum Torque per Current (MTPA) and so on. In these control methods, speed and accuracy of PMSM rotor absolute position detection is the key of its perfect control. The rotor absolute position information is more accurate, the amplitude of its torque ripple will be lower, which means better performance of PMSM control. In this paper, a PMSM rotor absolute position detection system based on AU6802N1 has been designed and produced, and laid a solid foundation for its calibration and improvement.
Authors: Zhong Liao, Bin Yuan Ye
Abstract: Due to the nonlinear, time-variable and non-minimum phase character of hydro electric unit system integrated with water, motor and power, a new adaptive inverse control method of hydro electric unit based on the function approximation ability of the wavelet analysis and the learning characteristic of neural network is presented. The algorithm and formulas and method of adaptive inverse control is studied. It approximates the model and its inversion of hydro electric unit by wavelet neural networks(WNN), and then through constructing an aim function of broad sense, which is effective to the nonlinear non-minimum phase system. Theory and simulation to for hydro electric unit system demonstrate that the control strategy can more effective improve the dynamic and stationary performance than those based on neural networks. It gives a new approach in control for hydro electric unit system besides offer a beneficial reference to the control of non-minimum phase systems.
Authors: Yan Min Nie, Tao Wang, Ying Bo An
Abstract: The main steam temperature is always an important indicator of the boiler operation quality, high or low will affect the quality of boiler operation. At first, introduce a algorithm PSO, which can used to optimize the PID parameters of a main steam temperature control system. Then, improved the PSO, and studied a kind of improved particle swarm algorithm—quantum apply quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization (QPSO). And this algorithm is used to optimize the PID parameters of a main steam temperature control system, got the best parameters. In the end, simulation result shows that, compared with basic particle swarm optimization (PSO),QPSO can make main steam temperature control system has a better control of quality, and improves the system of static and dynamic characteristics.
Authors: Yang Li
Abstract: This paper is concerned with the problem of norm-bounded uncertain perturbed discrete systems(NUPDS) with both state and input delays.Based on constructing a quadratic Lyapunov function, a delay-dependent criteria, which is expressed in terms of linear matrix inequalities(LMIs), has been proposed to guarantee the asymptotic stability of the system.Compared with existed open literature, this paper suggests a novel controller design method , which deals with more aspects including time-varying parameter uncertainties, perturbation, state and input time-delays.In addition, we also consider the condition of operating region is outer approximated by extended ellipsoids, which can be ultilized for dealing with the perburbed term of the system. The solution of the LMIs can be obtained easily by using existed efficient convex optimization techniques. In the end, a numerical example is given to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed theoretical result.
Authors: Kang Huang, Min Liang Yan, Zhao Wang, Dan Dan Zhu
Abstract: This paper puts forward a research design method of pure electric vehicle automatic transmission shift schedule based on the urban road conditions in connection with the problems of the low average speed, the high percentage of idle, and frequently shifting in pure electric vehicle. In order to improve the performance of pure electric vehicle automatic transmission and the using efficiency of the motor, this paper formulates a fuzzy shift schedule in the view of the economy. At the same time, this paper supplies a vehicle simulation in the view of economy through a application instance and the MATLAB / SIMULINK / ADVISOR software. The simulation results show that the fuzzy shift strategy can meet the requirements of the economy very well.
Authors: Xiang Ping Cao, Zhao Yang Li, Mei Xing Liu
Abstract: Although the first-principal models of the spatio-temporal processes can accurately predict nonlinear and distributed dynamical behaviors, their infinite-dimensional nature does not allow their directly use. In this note, low-dimensional approximations for control of spatio-temporal processes using principal interaction patterns are constructed. Advanced model reduction approach based on spatial basis function expansion together with Galerkin method is used to obtain the low-dimensional approximation. Spatial structure called principal interaction patterns are extracted from the system according to a variational principle and used as basis functions in a Galerkin approximation. The simulations of the burgers equations has illustrated that low-dimensional approximation based on principal interaction patterns for spatio-temporal processes has smaller errors than more conventional approaches using Fourier modes or Empirical Eigenfunctions as basis functions.
Authors: Ying Ni Duan, Zuo Jun Han, Guo Zhu Li, Hao Tian
Abstract: The cableless pipeline inspection robot is a hot topic in current domestic and international oil and gas pipeline in the research of special robot. The functions of robot body for communication with the outside world, energy supply, mobile running gear, and flaw detection module are several key technologies in the pipeline robot in application. This paper presents the measures for those key problems: Fiber-optic conveys video images and data in the pipeline and robot bi-directional cableless communication with the host computer monitoring equipment is completed outside the pipeline; In the aspect of energy supply the transformer secondary coil is generated by Charging stations set up outside the pipeline and lithium batteries is recharged to complete function of robot self-propelled ; Mobile running gear is achieved through the use of the arm of the parallelogram unit peristalsis to walk forward;The flaw detection technology adopts both video acquisition and ultrasonic phased array imaging with dynamic focusing and deflection characteristics to improve flaw detection efficiency and detection identification.
Authors: Shan Shan Wu, Wei Huo
Abstract: Passivity-based tracking control of the underactuated linear mechanical systems is investigated in this paper. As our main contribution, the matching condition is decreased into two equations and an adjustable gain (damping gain) is introduced into the controller by setting the desired closed-loop system properly. Stability of the closed-loop system is proved based on passivity of the system. Furthermore, as examples, tracking control of 2-DOF Acrobot and 2-DOF Pendubot are studied. The systems are linearized at their equilibriums and the passivity-based controller design method is applied to the linearized systems. Matching conditions are solved and the design procedures of associate controllers for the two robots are provided. The simulation results show that the designed controllers can realize asymptotical tracking for the given desired trajectories.
Authors: Yi Fan Zeng, Fang Fang Jiang
Abstract: An error compensation method for the single pair-pole encoder has been discussed in this paper. This article analyzed offset, sensitivity error, quadrature error and ferromagnetic interference error of single-pole magnetic encoder to obtain the expression of each error. In order to facilitate error compensation, the common expression for describing the error has been summed up. The process for formatting the error can be assumed as the process of changing from circle to ellipse. Therefore the inverse of this process is the same as the process of error compensation. The experimental results show that the accuracy of magnetic encoder which used this method could reach ±1, thus the error compensation effect is obvious. The magnetic encoder which applied this method has the advantages of low-cost, high-precision and convenient to use.
Authors: Huan Liu, Bing Hua Jiang, Fang Bing Liu, Qing Song Xu
Abstract: In this paper, we studied de-icing robot wireless remote control system. According to the actual operating environment of the de-icing robot, we analyzed the operational requirements of the robot and the control requirements of remote control system. A new wireless remote control circuit has designed based on APC220-43 module implemented in design hardware and software. Experiments and the actual operation had shown that the reliability of the wireless remote control system.

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