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Edited by: Jianhua Wang, Changfu Zhang, Xiaoli Jin and Jinlong Zou
Online since: November 2011
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
The peer-reviewed papers of this volume provide a comprehensive and up-to-date guide to the worldwide state-of-the art knowledge concerning Precision Engineering and Non-Traditional Machining. They cover precision mechanics design, precision and ultra-precision machining, precision testing and control, non-traditional machining, manufacturing information engineering, MEMS/NEMS, optical instrumentation and technology and materials science and technology. The volume will provide readers not only with a broad overview of the latest advances, but also with a valuable reference source.


Edited by: Prof. Alan Kin Tak Lau, Prof. Tirumalai S. Srivatsan, Debes Bhattacharyya, Ming Qiu Zhang and Mabel M.P. Ho
Online since: November 2011
Description: The 20th International Symposium on the Processing and Fabrication of Advanced Materials (PFAMXX) was organized by Hong Kong Polytechnic University, during the 15-17th December 2011, in Hong Kong. The main purpose of this interdisciplinary symposium was to bring together state-of-the-art developments regarding all aspects of the processing and fabrication of advanced materials, spanning the entire gamut of metallic, intermetallic, ceramic, ceramic-matrix composites, metal-matrix composites, intermetallic-matrix composites, advanced polymers and polymer-matrix composites; together with surface and high-temperature coatings. The symposium provided an attractive forum for the presentation of the latest advances, in materials processing and fabrication, by researchers and engineers from industry, research laboratories and academia. The proceedings cover the areas of: Advanced Composite Materials (Polymer, Metal and Ceramics); Natural Fibres (Plant- or Animal-Based) Composites; Nanostructural Materials; Properties of Materials; Failure Analysis; Computational Analysis and Simulations; Advanced Manufacturing Processes; Bio-materials and Bio-composites; Materials Characterizations. The result is an excellent and timely overview of the subject.


Edited by: T. Chandra, M. Ionescu and D. Mantovani
Online since: November 2011
Description: This supplemental volume presents additional proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Processing and Manufacturing of Advanced Materials - THERMEC’2011 - which was held during the 1-5 August 2011 in Quebec City, Canada. The conference brought together researchers and engineers/technologists working on aspects of the processing, fabrication, evaluation and applications of ferrous and non ferrous materials including biomaterials, and smart/intelligent materials, and the contents reflect the latest progress made in these fields.


Edited by: Li Yuan
Online since: November 2011
Description: The object of this collection of peer-reviewed papers is to provide a forum for the discussion of new developments, recent progress and innovations in the design and implementation of MEMS, NANO and Smart Systems-on-Chip. It addresses all aspects of the design methodology of such systems, with the emphasis on current and future challenges in research and development in both academia and industry. The 983 papers are grouped into 22 chapters: Materials Behavior, Casting and Solidification, Surface, Subsurface and Interface Phenomena, Coatings and Surface Engineering, Composite Materials, Materials Forming, Machining, Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing, Biomedical Manufacturing, Environmentally Sustainable Manufacturing Processes and Systems, Manufacturing Process Planning and Scheduling, Meso/Micro-Manufacturing Equipment and Processes, Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Manufacturing Processes, Computer-Aided Design, Manufacturing and Engineering, Semiconductor Materials Manufacturing, Laser-Based Manufacturing, Precision Molding Processes, Rapid Manufacturing Technologies, Nontraditional Manufacturing, Nanofabrication, Nanometrology and Applications, Metrology and Measurement, and Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Control. The huge volume of information makes this a veritable encyclopedia of the subject matter.
Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).


Edited by: Hongxi Zhu and Linjiang Wang
Online since: November 2011
Description: The present 168 peer-reviewed papers are grouped into 8 chapters: Metallurgical Physical Chemistry, Ferrous Metallurgy, Metallurgy of Non-Ferrous Metals, Metallurgical Materials and Environmental Engineering, Mineral Processing, Mining Engineering, Mining Environmental Engineering, Mine Surveying and Safety Engineering. The contents will be of great interest to anyone working in these fields.


Edited by: Jianmin Zeng, Yun-Hae Kim and Yanfeng Chen
Online since: November 2011
Description: The 461 peer-reviewed papers presented in this volume are grouped into 14 chapters: Non-Ferrous Metallic Materials, Iron and Steel, Composites, Micro/Nano-Materials, Ceramics, Optical/Electronic/Magnetic Materials, New Functional Materials, Environmentally Friendly Materials, New Energy Materials, Biomaterials, Materials Forming and Machining, Physics and Numerical Simulation of Material Processes, Surface Engineering/Coatings, and Mechanical Behavior and Fracture. The voluminous contents function as a handbook guide to these topics.
Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).


Edited by: Yanxuan Wen and Fuhou Lei
Online since: November 2011
Description: The objective of these proceedings is to encourage engineering professionals, academics and researchers to exchange views, results, ideas and experiences concerning chemical, materials and metallurgical engineering. The work is divided into the chapters: Chemical Engineering Measurement and Instrumentation, Transport Processes of Chemical Engineering, Chemical Separation Engineering, Industrial Catalysis, Chemical Systems Engineering, Inorganic and Organic Chemical Engineering, Biochemical Industry, Electrochemical Engineering, Green Chemical Processing Technology and Chemistry Science and Applied Chemistry. It constitutes a comprehensive guide to these subjects.


Edited by: Ran Chen and Wen-Pei Sung
Online since: November 2011
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
This book comprises 343 peer-reviewed papers on Biotechnology, Chemical and Materials Engineering, and is intended to promote the development of these subject-areas by strengthening international academic cooperation and communication, and by exchanging research ideas. This work provides readers with a broad overview of the latest advances in the fields of biotechnology and chemical and materials engineering.


Edited by: H.M. Zhang and B. Wu
Online since: December 2011
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
The 2011 International Symposium on Chemical Engineering and Material Properties (ISCEMP 2011) was a premier forum for the presentation of technological advances and research results in the fields of chemical engineering and material properties. ISCEMP 2011 brought together leading engineers and scientists, working in chemical engineering and material properties, from around the world. The present peer-reviewed papers were selected on the basis of originality, technical quality and research content.


Edited by: Wu Fan
Online since: November 2011
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
The objective of ICMST 2011 was to provide a platform where researchers, engineers, academics and industrial professionals from all over the world could present their research results and discuss developments in Manufacturing Science and Technology. This conference provided opportunities for delegates to exchange new ideas and applications face-to-face, to establish business or research contacts and to find global partners for future collaboration.


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