Advances in Science and Technology

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"Advances in Science and Technology" is a irregular peer-reviewed series presenting the Proceedings of CIMTEC, Forum on New Materials and International Ceramics Congress. The series is published on behalf of TECHNA GROUP, Faenza, Italy.

Forum on New Materials includes articles about new materials research, development and application; International Ceramics Congress deals with papers about ceramic materials, its research, processing and practical use in various areas of production.
Articles submitted for publication in AST cannot be published or sent for publication elsewhere.
Authors retain the right to publish an extended, significantly updated version in another periodical.

ISSN print 1662-8969

ISSN cd 1661-819X

ISSN web 1662-0356


Published irregularly, every two years approx. 8-10 volumes, on behalf of TECHNA GROUP, Faenza, Italy.

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