The Science of Engineering Ceramics III

Volumes 317-318

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Daniel G. Carillo, M.C. Curiel, Ho Sung Aum, Soo Wohn Lee

Abstract: Trauma related loading of hip prostheses has been reported as a cause of failure of implanted ceramic materials, ball and/or cup. In this...

Authors: Hyung Mi Lim, Ji Sook Jung, Bong Young Kim, Seung Ho Lee

Abstract: Zeolites with different sizes and structures were applied on the surface of cellulose fibers with organic and inorganic binders. The...

Authors: Motoki Kaneno, Kiyoko Sakamoto, Shunro Yamaguchi, Katsuaki Suganuma

Abstract: β-tricalcium bis (orthophosphate) [Ca3(PO4)2] (β-TCP) was mechanochemically treated with mortar grinder. The ground β-TCP was hydrolyzed in...

Authors: Masato Tamai, Koji Nishio, Toshiyuki Isshiki, Atsushi Nakahira

Abstract: In our previous study, we reported that a metastable phase with high Ca/P molar ratio appeared in the temperature range from 700 οC to...

Authors: Dong Seok Seo, Hwan Kim, Kyu Hong Hwang, Jong Kook Lee

Abstract: Dissolution of hydroxyapatite (HAp) in distilled water and related mechanical properties were investigated. The commercially obtained...

Authors: Hyung Mi Lim, Seung Ho Lee, Jun Bo Park, Jin A Kwon, Yeon Su Yu

Abstract: Physical properties of various inorganic materials have been measured in terms of pore size distribution and porosity, BET surface area by...

Authors: Rong Jun Xie, Mamoru Mitomo, Naoto Hirosaki

Abstract: Rare-earth doped Ca-α-SiAlON phosphors, with the compositions of (Ca1-3/2xREx)m/2Si12-m-nAlm+nOnN16-n (RE = Ce, Sm, Eu, Tb, Yb and Dy, 0.5...

Authors: Chung Hsin Lu, V. Natarajan

Abstract: The emission of Sn2+ ion can vary from blue to red depending on its co-ordination number in the host lattice. Since Sn2+ ion has strong...

Authors: Chang Yeoul Kim, Jin Wook Choi, Tae Yeoung Lim, Duck Kyun Choi

Abstract: Electrochromic WO3 thin film was prepared by using tungsten metal solution in hydrogen peroxide as a starting solution and by sol-gel dip...

Authors: Hisashi Kaga, Ryoji Asahi

Abstract: Al-doped ZnO ceramics were fabricated by the electrical field-assist sintering method and their thermoelectric properties were examined....


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