The Science of Engineering Ceramics III

Volumes 317-318

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Y. Kim, Dong Geun Shin, Hyung Rae Kim, Doug Young Han, Young Un Kang, Doh Hyung Riu

Abstract: Polycarbosilane was synthesized from polydimethylsilane in the presence of ZSM-5 (Si/Al=30) as a catalyst at 350oC-400oC. Characterization...

Authors: Atsushi Nakahira, Y. Fujita, T. Kubo, S. Eguchi, S. Nishida, Toshiyuki Isshiki

Abstract: By the usage of the hydrolysis of Ti alkoxide, various types of TiO2 were obtained through the addition of catalyst (HCl, NH4OH, and...

Authors: Chung Hsin Lu, Chien Hao Huang, Chung Tao Chen, Sheng Min Wang, Shu Jiuan Huang, Dorcas Zhang, Ramakant Kadam

Abstract: The photoluminescent properties of BaMgAl10O17: Eu2+ synthesized via a sol-gel process employing citric acid (CA) and ethylene glycol (EG)...

Authors: S. Takezoe, Kazuyuki Hosoi, Masahiko Tajika, Yuki Yamasaki, Atsushi Nakahira

Abstract: Synthesis of bulky Y-zeolite was attempted by a hydrothermal hot-pressing (HHP) method. These bulky products synthesized under hydrothermal...

Authors: Jong Kook Lee, Dong Seok Seo, Hang Chul Jung

Abstract: Tricalcium phosphate [TCP, β-Ca3(PO4)2]/titania composite having high mechanical properties was prepared and characterized. The TiO2 and...

Authors: Bum Rae Cho, Dae Hong Heo

Abstract: Porous mullite with a porosity of about 78% was fabricated using Al(OH)3, SiO2 and AlF3 powders to develop non-asbestos friction materials...

Authors: Mikinori Hotta, Naoya Enomoto, Junichi Hojo

Abstract: SiC was sintered with AlN and Y2O3 as sintering additives by spark plasma sintering (SPS). Using nano-sized β-SiC powder as the starting...

Authors: Seong Min Choi, Uraiwan Leela-adisorn, Sawao Honda, Shinobu Hashimoto, Hideo Awaji

Abstract: Intra-type structure of ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) can improve the mechanical properties of ceramic materials. In this work, we used...

Authors: In Sub Han, Doo Won Seo, Shi Woo Lee, Ki Seok Hong, Sang Kuk Woo, Yong Hee Chung, Jae Chun Lee

Abstract: Two different types of carbon fibre bundles were used for filament winding to obtain C/C preforms. C/C-SiC composites were produced from...

Authors: In Sub Han, Seung Ho Cheon, Yong Hee Chung, Doo Won Seo, Shi Woo Lee, Sang Kuk Woo, Kee Sung Lee

Abstract: Silicon nitride ceramics were prepared by new nitrided pressureless sintering (NPS) process in this study. The microstructures, strengths...


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