Advanced Nondestructive Evaluation I

Volumes 321-323

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Che Hua Yang, Yu An Lai

Abstract: A laser ultrasound technique (LUT) is reported for nondestructive characterization of hydrogen concentration (HC) in Zr-4 cladding tubes....

Authors: Young Kil Shin, Sung Chul Song, Hee Sung Jung, Chang Jae Im, Myung Ho Song

Abstract: Steam generator tubes are expanded inside tubesheet holes and the crevice gap between tubesheet and the tube should be minimized. To...

Authors: Young Kil Shin, Sung Chul Song, Hee Sung Jung, Yun Tai Lee

Abstract: In this paper, absolute and differential eddy current signals from various shapes and sizes of defects in the steam generator tube are...

Authors: Deok Hyun Lee, Myung Sik Choi, Do Haeng Hur, Jung Ho Han, Myung Ho Song, Un Chul Lee

Abstract: Most of the corrosive degradations in steam generator tubes of nuclear power plants are closely related to the residual stress existing in...

Authors: Sung Hoon Jeong, Byoung Jong Lee, Young Ze Lee

Abstract: Tubes in nuclear steam generators are held up by supports because the tubes are long and slender. Fluid flows of high-pressure and...

Authors: S. Reaz Ahmed, Masumi Saka, Fumio Takeo

Abstract: A direct-current potential-drop NDE technique has been developed for the evaluation of a 3-D back-wall crack in thick-walled structures....

Authors: Heung Seop Eom, Sa Hoe Lim, Jae Hee Kim, Young H. Kim, Hak Joon Kim, Sung Jin Song

Abstract: This study was aimed at developing an effective method and a system for on-line health monitoring of pipes in nuclear power plants by using...

Authors: Jung Taek Kim, Seung Hwan Seong, J.H. Park, S.W. Cheon, C.K. Lee, Na Young Lee, Il Soon Hwang, Sang J. Lee

Abstract: There are several efforts for an advanced on-line health monitoring of a piping system by using a chemical condition monitoring, a X-ray...

Authors: Joo Young Yoo, Sung Jin Song, Chang Hwan Kim, Hee Jun Jung, Young Hwan Choi, Suk Chull Kang, Hyun Kyu Jung

Abstract: In the present study, the synthetic signals from the combo tube are simulated by using commercial electromagnetic numerical analysis...

Authors: Seop Hur, Seung Hwan Seong, Seong O Kim, Sang J. Lee

Abstract: This study was aimed at developing a new method for detecting the sodium-water reaction as a result of a water leakage into the liquid...


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