Advanced Nondestructive Evaluation I

Volumes 321-323

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sang Wuk Park, Dong Hoon Kang, H.J. Bang, Sang Oh Park, Chun Gon Kim

Abstract: Composite pressure tanks are rapidly expanding in their range of use. However, for high pressure flammable or toxic gases, there is less...

Authors: Jin Ho Roh, Jae Hung Han, In Lee

Abstract: The thermomechanical behavior of SMA thin film actuator and their application are investigated. The numerical algorithm of the 2-D SMA...

Authors: Chi Yeop Kim, Il Bum Kwon, Dae Cheol Seo

Abstract: Smart structures needs lots of sensor installation to sense their status and also the external environmental change. Wireless technique can...

Authors: Seung Yong Yang

Abstract: To explore the structural strength of CFRP shape memory alloy composites, it is necessary to evaluate the interface bonding strength. Jang...

Authors: Young Sup Lee, Ki Hong Shin

Abstract: This paper presents a theoretical and experimental study of a non-collocated pair of piezopolymer PVDF sensor and piezoceramic PZT...

Authors: Young Sup Lee, Hyoung Jin Im, Jaehwa Kwon, Dong Jin Yoon

Abstract: This paper presents concept, analysis and experiment of a novel sensor which is based on biologically inspired approach for acoustic...

Authors: Il Kwon Oh, Jin Han Jeon

Abstract: The IPMC, one of new sensing and actuating materials is known for the fast and flexible bending actuation upon electric fields. In this...

Authors: Il Bum Kwon, Chi Yeop Kim, Dae Cheol Seo

Abstract: Smart structures are to be possessed many functions to sense the external effects, such as seismic loads, temperature, and impact by some...

Authors: Yi Qing Ni, X.G. Hua, Jan Ming Ko

Abstract: In this paper a method for safety and condition assessment of bridge components based on long-term monitoring data and reliability analysis...

Authors: Yi Qing Ni, X.W. Ye, Jan Ming Ko

Abstract: A method for probabilistic fatigue life assessment of steel bridges by using long-term monitoring data is proposed and applied for fatigue...


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