Advanced Nondestructive Evaluation I

Volumes 321-323

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: C.S. Shin, C.C. Chiang

Abstract: This work aims at assessing the use of embedded fiber Bragg grating to monitor the internal damage evolution in polymeric composite during...

Authors: N. Nakagawa, F. Inanc, A. Frishman, R. Bruce Thompson, W.R. Junker, F.H. Ruddy, A.R. Dulloo, J.M. Beatty, N.G. Arlia

Abstract: This paper considers the use of on-line structural health monitoring in advanced nuclear power systems such as IRIS. The motivation for the...

Authors: Kyung Young Jhang, Hai Hua Quan, Job Ha, Noh Yu Kim

Abstract: High-tension bolts have been used widely for the clamping of many kinds of large structures. In these bolts, the estimation of clamping...

Authors: Shoichi Nambu, Yoshihiko Tsunawaki, Manabu Enoki

Abstract: Reliability of structures is an important task to ensure the ease and safety of our life, and further development of non-destructive...

Authors: Hyo Seon Park, H.M. Lee, Y.H. Kwon, J.H. Seo, Hong C. Rhim

Abstract: Structural monitoring is concerned with the safety and serviceability of the users of structures, especially for the case of building...

Authors: Akio Yonezu, Hideo Cho, Takeshi Ogawa, Mikio Takemoto

Abstract: Both the acoustic emission (AE) and corrosion potential fluctuation were monitored for chloride stress corrosion cracking (SCC) of...

Authors: Takuma Matsuo, Hideo Cho, Mikio Takemoto

Abstract: We developed an advanced optical fiber Acoustic Emission (AE) monitoring system with a phase compensation feed back circuit. Two lasers...

Authors: Won Seok Chung, Dong Hoon Kang, Eun Soo Choi, Hyun Min Kim

Abstract: This study investigates an existing steel plate girder railroad bridge in order to monitor static and dynamic responses using fiber Bragg...

Authors: Gwang Hee Heo, Joon Ryong Jeon, Chin Ok Lee, Gui Lee, Woo Sang Lee

Abstract: This paper presents an effective method of FE model updating for health monitoring of structures by applying ambient vibration. And this...

Authors: Soon Jung Kwon, Hae Sung Lee, Soo Bong Shin

Abstract: The paper presents two algorithms for determining optimal accelerometer locations for structural health monitoring when structural...


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