Fracture and Damage Mechanics V

Volumes 324-325

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Jun Shen, Shao Pu Yang, Bing Yu Ma

Abstract: In this paper the Fractional Spline Wavelet Transform (FrSWT) is introduced based on the definitions and properties of the fractional...

Authors: Bing Xue, Heng An Wu, Xiu Xi Wang, Zhi Long Lian, Jin Zhang, Shi Cheng Zhang

Abstract: Three-dimensional finite element simulations were carried out to investigate the hydraulic progressive damage and associated flow behavior...

Authors: De Long Fu, Li Zhang, Cheng Jin

Abstract: A fatigue crack growth model under constant amplitude loading based on the total plastic energy dissipation per cycle ahead of the crack...

Authors: Zhi Long Lian, Xiu Xi Wang, Heng An Wu, Bing Xue, J. Zhang, Shi Cheng Zhang

Abstract: Numerical simulation of hydraulic fracturing propagations in the permeable reservoirs was carried out with the finite element analysis...

Authors: Yoon Suk Chang, Shin Beom Choi, Jae Boong Choi, Young Jin Kim, Myung Jo Jhung, Young Hwan Choi

Abstract: Major nuclear components have been designed by conservative codes to prevent unanticipated fatigue failure. However, more realistic and...

Authors: Man Yi Hou, Shu Lin Li, Yang Yi Jiang, Shou An Li

Abstract: Based on ANSYS/LS-DYNA code, the finite-element models were created to simulate the response of the aircraft panel structure impacted by...

Authors: Yong Shou Liu, Xiao Jun Shao, Zhu Feng Yue

Abstract: A 3D finite element model of bolt composite joint has been established to determine the stress distribution on the contact surface. The...

Authors: Yong Gang Xiao

Abstract: Based on Reissner plate theory and using Hamilton variational principle, the nonlinear equations of motion are derived for the moderate...

Authors: Han Wang, Xian Hui Ke, Ming Hao Zhao

Abstract: Based on the analytical solution for an elliptical cavity and the self-consistent method, the exact solutions for a crack in a...

Authors: Yong Jiang, Jian Ming Gong, Shan Tung Tu

Abstract: This paper is aimed at investigating the damage and remaining life of a whole HP-Nb hydrogen reformer tube serviced for 12 years. The...


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