Fracture and Damage Mechanics V

Volumes 324-325

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kil Sung Lee, Kwang Hee Im, In Young Yang

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to develop lightweight hat shaped section side members which absorb the most of the energy during the...

Authors: Jin Woo Kim, Dong Gi Lee

Abstract: While mold fiber reinforced composite material to problem of occasion that high temperature compression molding, flow length in mold is...

Authors: In Young Yang, Uk Heo, Kil Sung Lee, Je Woong Park, Young Sub Kweon, David K. Hsu, Young Tae Cho, Chong Ho Lee, Kwang Hee Im

Abstract: Since layup orientation of the laminates greatly influences its properties, an NDE technique for layup orientation determination would be...

Authors: Juan Xia Zhang, Chun An Tang, Xing Jie Hui, Wan Cheng Zhu, Zheng Zhao Liang, Yong Bin Zhang, Xian Zhang Guo

Abstract: A numerical code RFPA3D (Realistic Failure Process Analysis) is used to simulate the crack initiation and propagation in FRP-strengthened...

Authors: Xi Lan Feng, Zhi Qiang Jiang, Jin Fa Shi

Abstract: The effects of roll materials, mould parameter, pouring parameter and cooling parameter on the crack of high speed steel (HSS) roll...

Authors: Qing Bin Cui, Jing Zhu Zhang, Guan Hai Xue, Shi Chun Chen, Lei Lei

Abstract: Dynamic analysis, finite element analysis and fatigue life analysis of transmission gear of Self-Propelled Gun is achieved in this paper...

Authors: Chun Sheng Wang, Jian Guo Nie, Ai Rong Chen, Wei Zhen Chen, Yue Xu

Abstract: There are many old steel bridges on Chinese transportation lines, which keep their normal traffic service function. The old bridges are...

Authors: Gang Yang, Ai Feng Zhang, Wei Ping Hu, Bao Zong Huang

Abstract: This paper proposes an improved damage model and derives the shear correction factors for the model based on the Whitney[1] method. As the...

Authors: Lian Chong Li, Chun An Tang, P.A. Lindqvist

Abstract: Using RFPA code, analyses have been carried out to investigate the stability of a rock pillar in a experiment for nuclear waste...

Authors: Shi Cheng Liu, Shi Yong Liu, De Yi Liu

Abstract: Fracture surface and crack propagation in low temperature brittle fracture (LTBF) of an 18Cr-18Mn-0.7N high nitrogen austenitic steel...


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