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Authors: Jian Mei Chang, Wen Jie Feng
Abstract:Mode III fracture failure of a through crack in an orthotropic functionally graded strip is investigated. The shear moduli in two directions...
Authors: Huan Guo Chen, Yun Ju Yan, Jie Sheng Jiang
Abstract:A vibration-based approach to detect crack damage in a cantilever composite wingbox is studied using the improved Hilbert-Huang Transform...
Authors: Fu Qiang Tian, Xiao Yan Li, Yao Wu Shi
Abstract:Welded joint is a mechanical heterogeneous body, which is composed of base metal, weld metal and heat affected zone (HAZ). Many welded...
Authors: Guang Lan Liao, Tie Lin Shi, Lei Nie
Abstract:A general-purpose useful parameter in data analysis is the intrinsic dimension of a data set, corresponding to the minimum number of...
Authors: Ho Sung Lee, Jong Hoon Yoon, Yeong Moo Yi
Abstract:There are numerous applications of pressure vessels in aerospace field for storing liquid or gaseous media. Generally the metallic vessels...
Authors: Antonio González-Herrera, J. Garcia-Manrique, A. Cordero, Jose Zapatero
Abstract:This paper focuses on the study of the plastic zone in fatigue crack closure based on the results obtained by means of 3D Finite Element...
Authors: Alessandro Soprano, Francesco Caputo
Abstract:The probabilistic analysis of evolutive states of damage, as those induced by fatigue loads, has been the subject of a wide spectrum of...
Authors: Qing Min Yu, Zhu Feng Yue, Yong Shou Liu
Abstract:In this paper, a plate containing a central hole was used to simulate gas turbine blade with cooling hole. Numerical calculations based on...
Authors: Yuan Hui Li, Rui Fu Yuan, Xing Dong Zhao
Abstract:A series of uniaxial-compression tests were conducted on some representative brittle rock specimens, such as granite, marble and dolerite. A...
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