Fracture and Damage Mechanics V

Volumes 324-325

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bao Lai Wang, Yan Bo Wang, Yu Feng Zheng

Abstract: Recently, people devote to the development of Ni-free shape memory alloys in order to avoid the Ni-hypersensitivity and toxicity and pursue...

Authors: Xiao Xue Xu, Yu Feng Zheng

Abstract: Magnetic nanoparticles have attracted intensive attention for their wide applications as biomaterials and magnetic storage materials....

Authors: Maciej S. Kumosa

Abstract: In this work, potential problems with the application of polymer matrix composites (PMC) in extreme environments [1] is discussed. Then,...

Authors: Yun Jae Kim, Chang Kyun Oh, Chang Sik Oh

Abstract: This paper quantifies the effects of geometry, the loading mode and the specimen size on fracture toughness of the API X65 steel, via plane...

Authors: Wang Xiang, Xiao Hua Xue

Abstract: TiCp/ZA-12 composites have been fabricated by XDTM method and stirring-casting techniques. The tests for mechanical properties reveal that...

Authors: Guo Jin, Qing Fen Li, Bin Shi Xu, Hai Dou Wang, Shi Cheng Wei

Abstract: A new thermal spraying technique, electro-thermal explosion directional spraying (EEDS), was used to prepare NiAl intermetallic coatings....

Authors: Zai Lin Yang, Dian Kui Liu, Xiao Lang Lv

Abstract: Scattering of SH wave by a crack is studied in elastic half space with a removable rigid cylindrical inclusion by Green’s function, complex...

Authors: Wei Guang An, Yong Wei Gu, Wei Tao Zhao

Abstract: The microscopic processes of internal force redistribution of structural system due to dead load failure or fatigue failure of structural...

Authors: Bin Sheng Wang, Wei Guang An, Duo He Yang

Abstract: In the piezoelectric truss structure with many random parameters under incipient defect, taking into consideration the mechanical-electric...

Authors: Feng Chen, Wei Cai, Lian Cheng Zhao, Yu Feng Zheng

Abstract: In present paper, the mechanical properties and fracturegraphs of Mn-rich polycrystalline alloys are investigated by compression tests and...


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