Fracture and Damage Mechanics V

Volumes 324-325

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Ping Liu, Li Qun Tang, Xiao Qing Huang

Abstract: Impact tests were carried out by use of a 74-mm-diameter split Hopkinson pressure bar to investigate the impact damage behaviors of plain...

Authors: Yan Shuang Guo, Wei Shen Zhu, R.H.C. Wong, Shu Cai Li, Chun Jin Lin

Abstract: Under the action of compressive load, the growth and coalescence containing flaws in brittle materials (rock and rocklike materials e.g.)...

Authors: Dong Hyun Kim, Il Kwon Oh

Abstract: Flutter characteristics of composite curved wing are investigated in this study. The efficient and robust computational system for the...

Authors: De Guang Shang, Guo Qin Sun, Jing Deng, Chu Liang Yan

Abstract: Two multiaxial damage parameters are proposed in this paper. The proposed fatigue damage parameters do not include any weight constants,...

Authors: Shu Guang Zhang, Xian Dong Zhang

Abstract: In order to study the dynamics property and damage evolution of frozen aeolian soil in the west of Liaoning Province, laboratory test have...

Authors: Cheng Qiang Wang, Zhong Hua Chen, Chang Liang Zheng

Abstract: Based on the Hamiltonian theory and method of elasticity, a ring and a circular hyper-analytical-elements are constructed and formulated....

Authors: Tao Xie, Yan Jun Qiu, Ze Zhong Jiang, Chang Fa Al

Abstract: The furthest dangerous cracking type of asphalt pavement is usually considered of the simplex type crack(namely shear crack) under traffic...

Authors: Hai Dong Yu, Zhong Qin Lin, Ke Shi Zhang, Yong Jin Guo

Abstract: The cell model with twenty-five random dispersion voids was employed to analyze the damage and fracture mechanism of the nodular cast iron....

Authors: Huer Sun

Abstract: The dynamic properties of the model of vibrating screen are obtained using the software Pro/ MECHANICA. The natural frequencies and mode...

Authors: Wen Jie Peng, Jian Qiao Chen

Abstract: Traditional laminate strength analysis only considers face failure under in-plane loads. In fact, owing to the mismatch of the mechanical...


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