Fracture and Damage Mechanics V

Volumes 324-325

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: You Liang Xu, Cheng Li Liu, Zhen Zhou Lu

Abstract: An approximate analytical method is presented to analyze reliability for the structure with fuzzy-random uncertainty in basic variables. On...

Authors: Fa Yong Jia, Li Xing Huo, Gang Chen, Qun Peng Zhong

Abstract: Fatigue strength of duplex stainless steel welded joints with longitudinal fillet welded guess and with longitudinal flat side guess welded...

Authors: Cun Sheng Zhao, Shi Jian Zhu

Abstract: The optimization design problem of vibration isolation and shock resistance system is studied in consideration of acoustical concealment...

Authors: Boris Aberšek, Jože Flašker, Srečko Glodež

Abstract: For accurate determination of the service life we must take into account the loading, which are in most cases random loading of variable...

Authors: Mateja Ploj Virtič, Boris Aberšek, Mirko Čudina, Aleš Belšak

Abstract: This paper presents a control and diagnostics model of single stage gear wheels using acoustic responses. The model is based on various...

Authors: Soo Yeon Seo, Hyun Do Yun, Chang Sik Choi, Ki Bong Choi

Abstract: The strengthening of concrete structures in situ with externally bonded carbon fiber is increasingly being used for repair and...

Authors: Jana Horníková, Pavel Šandera, Jaroslav Pokluda

Abstract: A new theoretical concept of crack closure under plain strain was applied to assess the effective fatigue threshold under various loading...

Authors: Jing Jing Li, Ya Fang Guo, Yue Sheng Wang, Chang Hai Tian

Abstract: In this paper, the continuous in-situ observations of the fatigue crack growth in U71Mn and U75V rail steel are made by using the scanning...

Authors: Li Ping Long, Jian Yu Zhang

Abstract: Fatigue crack initial life of multiple-site structure is described as the shortest life of all site’s fatigue initial lives. This paper...

Authors: Jong Woong Lee, Cheol Won Kong, Se Won Eun, Jae Sung Park, Young Soon Jang, Yeong Moo Yi

Abstract: Many methods can be used to assemble large mechanical structures. Using rivets is one of these methods. Rivets are lighter than bolts and...


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